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Salaries for Support Staff (Code 16)

Provide the specific position title, hours needed, hourly rate of pay, and total project salary for each support staff you intend to pay with grant funding. Include only those individuals who will be support staff of your government in this budget code. Do not include consultants, per diem staff, staff hired through an employment agency, or professional staff.

Eligible Expenditures

You may use grant funds to hire new staff or increase work hours of existing staff to carry out project-related work. If you propose to transfer existing staff to grant funding, justify the need and demonstrate that you will replace these staff in their former assignments using non-grant funds. Demonstrate that grant-funded salaries will be used only to support project-related activities.

Ineligible Expenditures

Note to Town Applicants  

See note under “Salaries for Professional Staff (Code 15).”
Note: If a government proposes to pay existing staff with grant funds, it must submit a letter, signed by its chief authorizing official, explaining how it proposes to replace that employee in his or her regular job duties.