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New York State Archives announces 2021-2022 LGRMIF Awards

The New York State Archives is pleased to announce the awards for the 2021-2022 Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) grant program.  The Archives received 186 applications requesting over $10 million. In a very competitive year, the Archives has awarded 101 grants totaling $5.7 million.  Awarded projects include managing inactive records, disaster management, files management, management of historical records, and converting records to digital images. Click on the Current and Previous Awards link in the left menu for a list, arranged by county, of the current year’s grantees.

The Archives anticipates announcing the next LGRMIF grant cycle in early 2022.

If your institution does not already have an eGrants user account, or if your Records Management Officer (RMO) has changed since the last time your institution applied for a grant, please complete and submit the online registration form. Even though the application portal is currently closed, you can still request an eGrants user account.


The Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund application process utilizes an online grant portal, eGrants, that is designed to cover all aspects of the grant process from the initial application to submission of the final reports. Application instructions, guidelines, and forms can be found through the eGrants portal once a user account has been set up through your local government’s Records Management Officer (RMO). For more information regarding the eGrants system, including forms that must be submitted in hard copy, please see the current LGRMIF Application Guide or eGrants User Manual. Note: The eGrants system is separate from, and has no connection with, the New York State Grants Gateway web portal.

Login to eGrants System

All applications must be submitted electronically. If you have difficulty completing an online application, contact the Grants Administration Unit.


New York State Archives
Grants Administration Unit
9A81 Cultural Education Center
Albany, NY 12230
Phone: (518) 474-6926

Instructions to register for an LGRMIF eGrants account

In order to apply for an LGRMIF grant, your local government’s Records Management Officer (RMO) must have a NYS Directory Service (NYSDS) account. If you do not have a NYSDS account, please complete the online registration form. If you already have a NYS Directory Service account, you may proceed to the eGrants System. The registration process can take between two to three business days.

Note that only one user account will be created for each local government, and that account is set-up only through your RMO. Information on the account will be sent to you via email, so please be sure to provide an accurate email address when completing the registration form.

The deadline to request a new user account is five business days prior to the posted grant application deadline.

Standard Data Capture Form

The Standard Data Capture Form (SDCF) contains information about your institution such as legal name, general contact information (address, phone number, website URL, etc.), and contact information and name of CEO. This information is contained in SED’s client database, SEDREF.

Standard Data Capture Form in Word

Prior to applying, the State Archives strongly encourages applicants to verify that the information in SED’s client database, SEDREF, is correct by accessing the SEDREF public portal (Note: Counties should search by using the term “County of . . .”). If it is incorrect, submit a revised Standard Data Capture Form  prior to submitting your application so we can update your SEDREF record. The revised SDCF can be emailed to If the information in SEDREF is correct, there is no need to submit an SDCF with your application.

Forms that cannot be completed electronically in the eGrants system or attached to the application as an electronic file, must be mailed to the Grants Administration Unit at the address listed above, and postmarked no later than the stated application due date.

Standard Contract Language Appendices

The following appendices contain legal clauses that apply to any person or entity who receives funds from the State of New York, and provisions that must be adhered to as a result of receiving State funds.  They are referenced within the eGrants application.

Appendix A: Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts

Appendix A-1 G

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