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Storing Inactive Records at the State Records Center

State Records Center Services available to state agencies include:
  • reasonably priced storage options.  We charge $2.90 per item per year or roughly 24 cents per month
  • climate-controlled storage equipped with water sprinkler systems
  • secure vault storage equipped with Sapphire gas and water fire suppression systems
  • records retrievals
  • secure destruction services for inactive paper records that have met their retention time
  • storage for special media (including computer tapes, microfilm masters, 16 and 35 mm film reels and other electronic media)
The records your agency stores at the State Records Center remain in the legal custody of your agency. 
Access to records is limited to your Records Management Officer (RMO) and to staff authorized by your agency’s RMO.  Every state agency must designate a Records Management Officer who is charged with planning, promoting, and monitoring the agency’s records management program in consultation with agency program managers and State Archives staff (see 8 NYCRR 188.4).  Learn more about "Your Role as a State Agency Records Management Officer" by viewing our webinar.
Agency RMOs and other interested staff are invited to tour the State Records Center to see the facility firsthand and to discuss how your agency can take advantage of our services.  Contact us to schedule your tour:
Phone: (518) 457-8010 or (518) 457-3179