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Records Management and Storage Fees

The State Archives charges state agencies for records management services and for storage of records at the New York State Records Center. This is authorized by Section 57.05(11) of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Law and 8 NYCRR Part 188. Annually, the Archives sends out invoices to state agencies.

The invoices cover two types of fees:

  • records management fee (indirect fee) for records analysis, training and technical assistance services
  • storage fee for agencies that store paper, electronic media, and film records with the State Records Center

Reviewing Your Invoice

When your agency receives its annual invoice, usually in early August, review it carefully against your recordkeeping files for accuracy.

Information you should have on hand for your records in storage at SRC includes the following:

  • records series titles and corresponding records disposition authorizations (RDA)
  • total number of boxes and count of electronic media items stored at the State Records Center for the billable period

When you have successfully verified that the count(s) of records in storage and the fees charged match the information in your own records, forward the invoice to your agency’s fiscal management office for processing the payment.

In the event you find discrepancies between your accounting of the fees charged to your agency and those appearing on your invoice, please contact to determine the proper fees for your storage charges, if any. Here is a sample invoice.

Paying Your Invoice

Invoices are processed for payment via the Statewide Financial System (SFS) from your agency’s Fiscal Management/Accounts Payable office and through the “AP” function. If your agency is a Future Phase agency, the payment will be completed through the billed agency legacy AP system, and bulk-loaded into the system to match with the Final Invoice which has been created in SFS.