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Can I transfer funds from one budget category to another during the grant year? If so, what is the process and timeline?

Local governments can transfer funds if the change doesn't violate the original intent of the grant award, if they justify the request in writing, and if the change is consistent with the FS-10-A (Project Amendment) instructions. The local government must first gain approval from its State Archives Records Advisory Officer, and then complete and submit before June 1 the online Budget Amendment Summary (BAS). For certain changes SED Fiscal Guidelines also require the filing of an FS-10-A (Project Amendment) form. The form is automatically populated by data entered into the BAS. Print out the FS-10-A, have your CEO sign it in blue ink, and mail three copies to the State Archives' Grants Administration Unit with a postmark of no later than June 1. The FS-10-A form and instructions are available in the eGrants System. Instructions are also available in the eGrants user manual.