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Historical Records Theft: Strategies for Prevention and Response

Did you know?

  • Almost all historical records repositories have experienced theft of historical documents, whether they know it or not. Many thefts remain undetected, leaving thieves unidentified and records lost.
  • Many thefts of historical documents are committed by employees, volunteers or authorized researchers.

What you will find here

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The resources in this website have been developed for New York’s historical records repositories, especially small and mid-sized archives, museums, libraries, governments, and other organizations that care for materials that contribute to the history of New York State.

Prevention and Preparedness
Review ways to assess your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities, enhance your security, and choose actions that will work for your repository.

Discovery and Response
Learn how to take appropriate steps to prevent theft and to be ready in case one occurs.

Search and Recovery
Learn about searching for your missing records and strategies for getting them back. 

Resource Center
Find sample forms; guidelines; relevant laws; standards, policies and procedures; and a selected bibliography in the Resource Center.

About this Project
Read about the Historical Records Theft Project and the organizations and people involved in its creation.