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Records Management Publications

These publications and topical guides provide in-depth material on various records management topics. You can browse the full list or filter by a specific topic. If you don't see what you are looking for, email us at

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Title Description File or Web Page Records Management Topic Revised Published
A Guide to Documenting Environmental Affairs in New York State

Explains how to document environmental affairs. Suggests documentation priorities and provides examples of projects.
41 pages

Historical Records 2001
A Manual for Documentation Planning in New York State

Presents a method for planning the documentation of important topics in New York history on a statewide or regional basis.
34 pages

Historical Records 2010 2002
Appraisal of Local Government Records for Historical Value

Gives local officials a general understanding of how to identify, evaluate, and select records that have ongoing historical value.
39 pages

Historical Records, Appraisal, Retention and Disposition 1996
Archival Needs Assessment Guidelines and Template

Provides a framework for the assessment of and planning for an archival program.
18 pages

Historical Records, Program Administration 2001
Criteria for Selecting Records for Conservation Treatment

Outlines a series of questions to ask to determine whether or not conservation is an appropriate preservation option.
5 pages

Collections Management, Historical Records, Program Administration 2001
Documentary Heritage Program Grant Guidelines

Provides instruction to not-for-profits on how to apply for a Documentary Heritage Program (DHP) grant. 

Historical Records 2024
Documentation Basics: A Guide to Planning and Managing Documentation Projects

Documentation is the process of locating, identifying, and acquiring unique, historical records that are not yet in a historical records repository.
81 pages

Historical Records 2003
Fundamentals of Managing Local Government Archival Records

Provides an overview of archival principles and suggests core archival activities that local governments may undertake.
21 pages

Collections Management, Historical Records, Program Administration 1995
Historical Records and the Local Government Historian

Suggests ways that local government historians can use their specialized knowledge and interests to encourage and support records management and historical records programs that are adequate to the needs of local governments and their constituents.
10 pages

Historical Records 2004
Intrinsic Value of Local Government Archival Records

Explains the characteristics that give records intrinsic value.
Published 2002
3 pages

Historical Records, Program Administration 2002
Local Government Records Useful in Family History Research

Describes local government record series that are valuable for genealogical research.
25 pages

Historical Records, Program Administration 2024
New York Documentation Topics Framework

A comprehensive and suggestive list for organizing the range of possible topics to document in New York history and culture. The subtopics and examples suggest the scope of the topics but are not meant to be exhaustive.
6 pages

Historical Records 2013
Reclaiming Alienated Records

Defines alienated records and lists steps to take when you discover that the records of your local government or state agency may be in the custody of another person or organization.

Reclaiming Alienated Records Historical Records, Program Administration 2011