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Section 8018, Civil Practice Laws & Rules index number fees for county clerks

§ 8018. Index number fees of county clerks.

(a) Amount of fee.

* 1. A county clerk is entitled, for the assignment of an index number to an action pending in a court of which he or she is clerk, to a fee of one hundred ninety dollars, payable in advance.
* NB Effective July 14, 2003
2. The filing of a transcript of judgment in the county clerk`s office is not to be deemed an action pending in the supreme or county court of the county in which it is filed, nor does it constitute the commencement of an action in such courts.
* 3. In addition, a county clerk is entitled, for the assignment of an index number to an action pending in a court of which he or she is clerk, to the following fee: an additional five dollars, to be paid monthly by the county clerk to the commissioner of education, after deducting twenty-five cents, for deposit into the New York state local government records management improvement fund and an additional fifteen dollars, after deducting seventy-five cents, for deposit to the cultural education account.
*NB Repealed December 31, 2005

(b) Exemptions from index number fee. No fee shall be charged for the assignment of an index number:

1. upon the filing of an order of the appellate term of the supreme court or of an order or certificate of commitment under the mental hygiene law; or
2. upon the transfer of papers from the clerk of any other court, pursuant to an order for change of venue; or
3. to a criminal case or to any action at the request of a public agency, officer or poor person entitled by law to exemption from payment of fees to a county clerk; or
4. to any case in a county court on appeal from a judgment or order of the district court or a town, village or city court; or
5. to a civil cause of action in which a city, town, village, fire district, district corporation, school district or board of cooperative educational services is the plaintiff.

(c) Endorsement of index number on papers. No paper in an action in the supreme or a county court, other than an order submitted for signature to a judge out of court, shall be submitted for any purpose to the supreme or county court or to a clerk thereof unless there is endorsed on such paper the index number of the action assigned by the clerk of the county.

(d) Additional services without fee where index number assigned. A county clerk who has assigned an index number shall charge no further fee in the action to which the index number is assigned:

1. for the filing, entering, indexing, or docketing, and in the counties within the city of New York, for recording, as required by statute, of any and all papers in the action, or preliminary thereto or supplementary to judgment;
2. for furnishing an extract of minutes for filing with the clerk of the court, for affixing a certificate to a filed paper, for taxing costs, for sealing writs, for issuing commissions, for certifying a copy of the clerk`s minutes to accompany papers transmitted upon entry of an order for change of venue, or for entering a judgment in the action;
3. for docketing of a satisfaction, a partial satisfaction, an assignment, a reversal, a modification, an amendment, a cancellation or a continuance of a previous entry or docket of a previously filed paper in the action;
4. for certifying a copy of an order of an appellate term of the supreme court for transmittal to the civil court of the city of New York or a city, municipal or district court, or for certifying a copy of an order for use in a division of the clerk`s office or for transmittal to a city or county treasurer;
5. for docketing of a return of execution, satisfied, unsatisfied or partially satisfied;
6. for filing a notice or order continuing or cancelling a notice of pendency of action or a notice of attachment against real property; and
7. for discharging a judgment of record by deposit with the clerk.