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Index to the Index to Council of Appointment minutes

This volume lists appointments of civil and military officers of the State of New York. It was prepared as an index to the first volume of the minutes of the Council of Appointment, which was destroyed in the Capitol fire of 1911. It provides the page number in the destroyed volume where the full citation was located, the name of the appointee, office, and date. Therefore, this surviving index volume actually acts as a record of appointments made by the council between 1777 and 1786.

Dates: 1777-1786

Series: A1846

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Last Name First Namesort ascending Role Organization Dates Places Location For more information Notation
De Witt Andius, Capt. Soldier Associated Exempts, Ulster County Militia Appointment 1778-08-18
Kingston (N.Y.)
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Deatz Adam, Jr., 2nd Lt. Soldier Albany County Militia Appointment 1780-03-04
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Dochsteder Adam, Ens. Soldier Tryon County Militia Appointment 1778-06-25
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Deyou Abraham, Capt. Soldier Ulster County Militia Appointment 1778-02-21
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