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Index to the Claim applications for service in the War of 1812

This series consists of claim applications submitted by, or on behalf of, War of 1812 veterans who fought in New York State militia and volunteer units. The records contain detailed information about claimants, both residents and non-residents of New York State, including name; age; residence; rank; company; regiment; commander; where soldier served; dates of service; term of service; federal land warrant number and acreage received; amount expended for clothing, equipment, and supplies furnished; transportation expenses; and total amount of claim.

Dates: 1857-1861

Series: A3352

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Last Namesort descending First Name Role Accretion Places Number Number Type Location For more information Notation
Owens Jonathan Claimant A3352-85
New York
9666 Claim Box 38, Folder 7; Microfilm roll 50 Email Researcher Services at
Owens Samuel Claimant A3352-85
14607 Claim Box 57, Folder 12; Microfilm roll 74 Email Researcher Services at
Owens Samuel H. Claimant A3352-85
New York
14934 Claim Box 58, Folder 20; Microfilm roll 76 Email Researcher Services at
Owens Simeon D. Claimant A3352-85
New York
4202 Claim Box 17, Folder 19; Microfilm roll 23 Email Researcher Services at
Oyer Peter F. Claimant A3352-85
New York
11301 Claim Box 44, Folder 14; Microfilm roll 58 Email Researcher Services at
Oysterbanks Walter Claimant A3352-85
New York
1783 Claim Box 8, Folder 9; Microfilm roll 10 Email Researcher Services at