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New York State Archives Collections Relating to the 1971 Attica Correctional Facility Uprising

State Archives records related to the Attica uprising fall into several major categories based on the entity that created them and its function:

  • New York State Special Commission on Attica (McKay Commission) established in 1971 to investigate the causes of the uprising and the state's response
  • Legal counsel for state officials named as defendants in the class action lawsuits filed by inmates in the wake of the uprising
  • New York State Police, charged with gathering evidence following the uprising, as well as compiling training materials related to the uprising
  • Attica Task Force appointed in 2001 to investigate issues raised by the "Forgotten Victims of Attica," correctional facility employees and survivors of those killed during the uprising
  • Miscellaneous records related to the Attica uprising and its aftermath

New York State Special Commission on Attica (McKay Commission)

Series 15855 Investigation and Interview Files, 1971-1972

Series B1340 Motion Picture Film and Videotapes of Attica Correctional Facility Riot, 1971-1972

Series B1341 Audio Tapes and Transcripts of Commission Hearings, 1972

Legal Counsel for State Officials Named as Defendants in Class Action Lawsuits

Series B1811 Attica Class Action Litigation Files, approximately 1971-2001

Series W0100 Special Investigation Files Relating to the Attica Uprising, approximately 1971-2001

New York State Police

Series 22427 Motion Picture Film and Videotapes, 1972

Series 22577 Publicity Materials Relating to Attica Correctional Facility Riot of 1971, approximately 1971-1976

Series B2502 Ballistics Reports Prepared after the Retaking of Attica Correctional Facility, 1971

Series B2506 Report on Inmates' Medical Treatment after the Retaking of Attica Correctional Facility, 1975


Attica Task Force

Series 22425 Minutes of Public Hearings, 2002

Series B2364 Attica Task Force Draft Report, 2003


Miscellaneous Records

Series 13682_78 Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Central Subject and Correspondence Files, 1959-1973

Series 13700 Governor Audiovisual Records, 1951-1986

Series 19352 Department of Law Litigation Bureau Landmark Case Files, 2013-2014

Series W0005 Attica Correctional Facility Inmate Case Files, 1940-2002

Case files of Attica inmates transferred to other facilities after the uprising