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Campaign Financial Disclosures

The Archives holds campaign finance records filed by candidates for statewide elective office and organizations supporting them, including political action committees (PACs) (series 15004). Records span 1974-1996 and cover candidates for state Assembly and Senate, judgeships, and offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller, and Attorney General.

Files include financial disclosure statements for candidates and campaign organizations, and campaign receipts required to be filed with the State Board of Elections.

There is no name index for candidates, organizations, or PACs. Individual contributors do not appear in alphabetical order in the files.

To review a file, researchers must provide the candidate's senate or assembly district and the year(s) for which they want statements.  For a judicial campaign, they must provide the candidate's judicial district, and the date(s) of election. Judges are elected for a 14-year term and file their statements almost solely in campaign years. 

Researchers lacking district information may consult the published Legislative Manual or New YorkRed Book.  Records from 1997 onward are held by the State Board of Elections, which maintains an online database of campaign finance reports starting July 15, 1999.