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Civil Service Employee Records

State Archives holds state (1894-1954) and local government (1930s-1954) employee history cards (series 15029). The cards provide summary work history of individuals employed by New York State and local governments under the Civil Service System. There are NO records for employees of private companies, even if those businesses provided contract workers for the state or local governments. The central data file on all more recent New York State employees is maintained by the New York State Department of Civil Service.

Cards are stored offsite, and it requires several days to arrange and complete a search. Researchers must supply, at minimum: full name of the employee; name of the state or local government office or institution in which the employee worked (with place/location, if known); and approximate dates of service (helpful to narrow common names). 

There is no charge for the search; if a record is found, cost is $1.00 each for a photocopy.