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Town Clerks' Civil War Registers

The Archives has registers, compiled by New York’s town (and a few city) clerks, containing information on Civil War military service (series 13774). Records are available on self-service microfilm in the research room; through inter-library loan (an online microfilm roll list is available); or online to New York State residents through New York.

The Archives does NOT have a register for each town. Registers sometimes contain additional information on military service, occupation, or death not found in muster roll abstracts (series 13775).  About 25% of the registers contain names of parent(s).

Registers are arranged by county, then alphabetically by town.  There is NO name index encompassing the entire series.  Each register has its own name index, giving page number where the soldier is listed.  Information on New York’s towns in 1860 is found in French's Gazetteer of the State of New York.

Soldiers are listed under the town (or city) of enlistment.  This may differ from a town where the soldier lived.  If a soldier isn’t listed under the presumed town of enlistment, check other nearby towns.