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Grassroots Organizing

In the 1960s and 1970s, scores of Latino-oriented organizations were founded in Harlem, the Bronx, Rochester, and other locations throughout New York. These organizations focused on education, health services, urban renewal, job training, addiction treatment, and youth programs. Many of founders of these organizations had ties to the Black Panthers, other African American groups, or War on Poverty programs such as Head Start. Others were lawyers, educators, or health care workers, many of whom were women. These New York-based groups, in addition to unions and national organizations such as the National Council of La Raza, helped form the base of Latino political and grassroots organizing throughout the United States that is still in place today.

To learn more about grassroots organizing in New York’s Hispanic/Latino communities go to the following collections: Juan Padilla, Sue Costa, Mercedes González, Margarita Madera, ASPIRA, United Bronx Parents, Gerald Meyer, Anthony López, Antonia Pantoja, Richie Pérez, Alice Cardona, José E. Velázquez, the Partners in Learning, ANCLA, and the Spanish Action League.