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Duely and Constantly Kept: A History of the New York Supreme Court, and An Inventory of Its Records

The New York State Archives holds all the surviving documents kept or filed by the clerks of the Supreme Court of Judicature at New York City, Albany, Utica and Geneva 1691-1847. A joint publication of the Archives Partnership Trust and the Historical Society of the New York State Courts, Duely & Constantly Kept provides a history of the New York Supreme Court and inventory of records housed in the State Archives. Special thanks to The William Nelson Cromwell Foundation.

231 pages


This series consists of documents filed with the 5th, 6th, and 8th Chancery Circuits by aliens seeking United States citizenship. The information in each file usually includes: the alien's name; birthdate and age; place of origin; nation and ruler of former allegiance; arrival date in the United States; place of settlement; date and location of final naturalization proceedings; and the names of the witnesses testifying to his years of residency in the United States and New York.


This volume contains thirty-eight wills proved (determined to be valid) and recorded in the New York State Supreme Court of Judicature at Albany.


Insolvency papers include documents relating to the assignment and sale of property of insolvent debtors who petitioned for relief (voluntary assignment), or the attachment and sale of property of "absconding, concealed, or non-resident debtors" (involuntary assignment). Content of files varies depending on the type of assignment, but most files include petitions, accounts, inventories, affidavits, certificates, and orders.