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Military Service

Records Relating to World War I

Despite prewar division over the nation's involvement in the First World War, New York State's residents and its government rallied in support of the war effort following the official declaration of war in April of 1917. More than a half-million state residents eventually served in the military, the largest state contingent in the nation. The State Defense Council was created in 1917 to coordinate mobilization of the state's military, industrial, agricultural, and commercial resources. 


This series consists of claim applications submitted by, or on behalf of, War of 1812 veterans who fought in New York State militia and volunteer units. The records contain detailed information about claimants, both residents and non-residents of New York State, including name; age; residence; rank; company; regiment; commander; where soldier served; dates of service; term of service; federal land warrant number and acreage received; amount expended for clothing, equipment, and supplies furnished; transportation expenses; and total amount of claim.


This series consists of documents compiled by auditors related to liquidating financial obligations incurred by New York State during the Revolutionary War. The records document the service of and compensation due to soldiers and others who provided goods or services to the State during the war. Most documents are financial in nature but also included are certificates by commanding officers, assignments of land bounty rights, several muster and pay rolls, and documentation of the seizure and sale of loyalists' lands.


This series contains letters, affidavits, and other supporting documentation submitted to the state comptroller by veterans of the Mexican War or their legal representatives in order to verify military service and apply for pension funds. The documents contain detailed military service information including the claimant's rank, his company, the battles in which he was engaged, and any wounds he received.


This series contains the miscellaneous filed papers of the New York State Surveyor General and the State Engineer and Surveyor. The series documents the role of the Surveyor General and State Engineer and Surveyor in establishing the boundaries of public and private lands, and in planning the development of the State's transportation system. A number of volumes contain documents relating to the sale of Loyalist lands by the Commissioners of Forfeitures during and after the Revolutionary War.


This series contains letterpress copies of replies sent by the comptroller's office in response to inquiries regarding Revolutionary War soldiers. The letters provide information derived from records that were ultimately transferred to the State Archives.


This series consists of records of land grants by letters patent for military service. Grants were made to individuals holding land bounty rights originally issued to commissioned officers and private soldiers who served in New York Continental regiments during the Revolutionary War. Series also includes records of land grants to demobilize British officers and private soldiers who had served in America during the Seven Years' War.


This volume lists appointments of civil and military officers of the State of New York. It was prepared as an index to the first volume of the minutes of the Council of Appointment, which was destroyed in the Capitol fire of 1911. It provides the page number in the destroyed volume where the full citation was located, the name of the appointee, office, and date. Therefore, this surviving index volume actually acts as a record of appointments made by the council between 1777 and 1786.


This series consists of two original volumes (Vol. A and Vol. B) of accounts for obligations incurred by the state from 1775-1794. Entries include abstracts of pay and ration rolls for militia officers and private soldiers; accounts for supplies purchased or requisitioned; accounts for soldiers' back pay or widows' pensions; accounts for loyalist lands leased or sold; accounts for service by state officers and; accounts of port fees. Original manuscript indexes to Volumes A and B and bound photostatic copies of the two original volumes are also included in the series.


This series contains copies of documents submitted by veterans claiming pensions under various State laws. The State auditor (previously auditor general) received the originals of these documents, copied and audited them, and authorized the payment of pensions.