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Developing an E-records Action Plan

The goal of this session is to provide you with the justification and tools to conduct an electronic records inventory and develop a plan for preserving your digital materials.
We have a number of outcomes:
  • This class will help you develop your knowledge of the scope of your electronic records collection – its size, the range of formats, and the themes it covers.
  • Provide tool to inventory e-records
  • It will help you understand which records in your collections are at the highest risk for degradation and most in need of preservation.
  • Finally, the class will help you to develop an Action Plan to address E-Records priorities.
While you may not be able to immediately implement all of the elements of your action plan, simply having one will guide your future digital preservation work.  You can also use it as an advocacy tool to alert your board or your supervisor to digital preservation issues and request the necessary resources to address them.  
Workshop Type: Classroom Training
Intended Audience: Historical Records Repositories, Local Governments
Workshop Topic: Electronic Records

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