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Lighting: Beyond Standards 

Presenter: Heather Hendry, Senior Paper Conservator, Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts. Light is one of the ten agents of deterioration, making it especially crucial that collecting institutions know how to control and mitigate exposure to light during storage and exhibition. This webinar discusses basic principles of managing light exposure in collections, including identifying light sources commonly found in institutional storage, measuring and understanding visible and UV light values, current standards for light exposure during exhibition, and preventive measures to avoid unnecessary exposure to light. The light sensitivity of materials commonly held in archives, museums, and libraries is also discussed. Several case studies will show how small and large real world institutions have protected their collections.

This webinar is produced through the State Archives Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York program.

Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Historical Records Repositories
Workshop Topic: Collections Storage​, Historical Records

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