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Preservation Planning: A Primer

Effective preservation planning is key in ensuring time and resources are budgeted adequately in support of the collections. A Preservation Plan is an essential institutional document that helps collecting institutions thoughtfully and carefully chart a course for the preservation of their collections. 

In this online course, participants will be introduced to preservation planning and will learn the steps necessary for writing one for their institution. Topics addressed will include: 
  • Why preservation planning is important. 
  • Components of an effective preservation plan 
  • Methods of assessing and prioritizing preservation needs 
  • How to design effective implementation strategies and establish realistic benchmarks 
  • How to advocate for preservation planning within their organization.  
This course will be presented over a three-week period. In the first week, participants will be provided with pre-recorded lectures and resources. The second week will consist of a collaborative, interactive live session during which course instructors will guide participants through a series of exercises applying concepts from week one. In the final week, an open Q&A session will be held for participants along with additional pre-recorded lectures and resources. At the conclusion of the three-week period, participants will have the building blocks of a preservation plan for their own institution.  
  • Laura Hortz Stanton, Executive Director, Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts 
  • Anastasia Matijkiw, Program Manager, Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York 
  • Amanda Murray, Preservation Specialist, Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York  
Register by Thursday, October 21, 2021. Please note that this program has limited registration and is only offered to constituents representing institutions in New York. If you are registering from outside of New York State, your registration may be denied.


This webinar is produced through the State Archives Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York program.

Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Historical Records Repositories
Workshop Topic: Historical Records

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