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Electronic Records Boot Camp

This webinar is meant for all who have put one toe in the electronic records water and felt it to be a bit chilly for them, or maybe a little overwhelming. We will strip away the IT jargon and get down to exactly what you need to know to feel comfortable in the emerging world of eRecords management. Maybe we will share something of a discussion together on these important issues, have some fun, and come away with enough knowledge to be a little dangerous. You’ll definitely go home with a confident IT swagger!
Some of the topics discussed include email management, legal issues surrounding management of electronic records in all their forms, imaging and document management systems, cloud computing, viewing social media as records,  securing a seat at your IT steering committee, electronic records preservation, and much more. 
The goals of this webinar are to expose participants to key issues of electronic records management:
  • RMO and IT decision making
  • Cloud Computing
  • email management
  • social media and local government
  • preserving electronic records
  • eRecords and the law
  • inventorying automated systems
  • policies and procedures
Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Local Governments
Workshop Topic: Electronic Records

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