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Foundations of Inactive Records Management

Without some system to manage inactive records, you are not dealing with a core issue of records management. When we speak of an inactive records system, we are envisioning a life cycle—an annual process of transferring less active records from office filing equipment to an inactive records storage site, disposing of obsolete records, and providing appropriate storage conditions so that records can be preserved. In addition to this cycle, one must be able to find inactive records in a timely and efficient manner. This webinar will introduce the basic principles of managing inactive records.

This webinar focuses on

  • Developing an inactive records storage site
  • Environmental and security control of storage areas
  • Supplies and equipment needed to manage inactive records
  • Transferring records to inactive storage and disposition of obsolete records
  • Preservation of permanent and historical records
  • Improving access to inactive records 
Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Local Governments, State Agencies
Workshop Topic: Inventory

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