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Foundations of Scanning Historical Photographs

Photographic materials in all their variety are among the most difficult records to manage and make accessible. With the dawn of new digital technologies, you are now able to share your historical photographs with a wider audience and save wear and tear on the originals. Digitizing your photographic collections opens the door to creative and interesting applications never before dreamed possible. Consider the blossoming world of blogging, websites, e-publications, social media, and so forth as natural venues to share your visual historic treasures. But there are many issues to consider as one prepares for such an endeavor. This webinar will introduce the basic principles of scanning historical photographs.

This webinar focuses on

  • What photographic materials you can scan and how
  • Selecting a scanner and software to use and how to get the best possible image from them
  • How to plan for and carry out a successful photographic imaging project step by step
  • State Archives technical standards for file format, image resolution, bit depth, and compression
  • Creation of metadata and descriptive information for images
  • Options to increase access to your digital images
Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Historical Records Repositories, Local Governments, State Agencies
Workshop Topic: Imaging and Microfilming

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