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Maintaining an Inactive Records Storage Area

Managing the annual flow of records from active offices to inactive storage and their regular disposition is the foundational principle of records management. This is the pivotal key to maintaining an inactive records storage area or facility. In the end, having this process down will determine the quality and efficiency of your entire records program. If managed well, this one thing will make you look like a records superstar, otherwise – not so much.

This one-hour webinar will review amazing tips and tricks that will help you manage the annual flow of records like a champ. We will discuss all of the tasks required to maintain a well-run inactive records facility, from small vault areas up to gigantic warehouse-sized programs. It will touch on maintaining organization and access, disposition of obsolete records, and a few ideas on archiving historical records.

This webinar will definitely be appreciated by all individuals who manage inactive records.

Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Local Governments, State Agencies
Workshop Topic: Inventory

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