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Records Facilities Management For Your Organization

Managing records is about more than just the records themselves.  There is also the management of the facilities where records are stored and preserved. This webinar will discuss some of the basics and provide some helpful solutions to the challenges presented by managing records storage facilities. It does not matter if records are stored in a small vault with a few shelves or a large warehouse, the webinar will cover the same fundamental information needed to maintain a well-run records facility. 
This webinar will discuss organization and access of records, disposition of records past their retention period, selection of a records facility, and working with stake holders and vendors to ensure that records are safe and easily retrieved. The webinar will also discuss some best practices in use at the New York State Records Center in Albany to provide real life examples.
Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Historical Records Repositories, Local Governments, State Agencies
Workshop Topic: Collections Storage​, Inactive Records

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