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Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The New York State Archives leads efforts, on behalf of all New Yorkers, to manage, preserve, ensure open access to, and promote the wide use of, records that support information needs and document the history, governments, events and peoples of our State. We strive for comprehensive, equitable, and accessible documentation of our present, past and future through innovative partnerships and state-of-the-art approaches.

Vision Statement

The New York State Archives provides unparalleled services that build, maintain, and provide access to New York's records to sustain a free, open, and democratic society and to support the cultural and intellectual life of all New Yorkers. We relentlessly pursue excellence in all our endeavors.

Goals for Ongoing Operations of the State Archives

Enhance access to, and use of, New York’s government and historical records.

Ensure a broader range of documentation of New York’s governments, events, issues, and peoples through state and regional initiatives.

Provide services to support excellence in government and historical records programs across New York State.

Preserve New York’s state government archival and inactive records.

Expand the scope and breadth of educational outcomes through the use of records.

Build and sustain the capacity and visibility of the New York State Archives and records professions in New York State.