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Quotes and Vendors

The RFP asks applicants to break down per image costs according to specific activity, yet our vendor includes quality control as part of scanning. What do we do?


It’s fine for the vendor quote to include quality control as part of the scanning quote but your  budget narrative will need to make that clear to reviewers.

Are BOCES considered a Preferred Source for School Districts?

No. However, for purposes of applying for an LGRMIF grant, School Districts and BOCES proposing to contract with a BOCES do not have to submit three quotes when the service costs over $10,000. Applicants must be sure to include an RFQ and the detailed quote clearly delineating individual project costs. In such instances, though, School Districts and BOCES are still required to comply with SED’s M/WBE goals.

What is the difference between a vendor quote and a bid?

A vendor quote is a price quote provided by a vendor for a specific product or service associated with your application and proposed project. Generally, it is in response to a Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP), or Request for Information (RFI) that you developed. Upon notification of an LGRMIF grant award you are required to follow state law and locally adopted procurement policies and procedures for the acquisition of project-related products and services.

What if we have been working with a vendor to complete similar work? Do we still have to provide three quotes?

If you have a longstanding relationship with an existing vendor and your local government does not require you to re-bid for the services of this vendor periodically, then you can provide a quote from that vendor without providing two other quotes. Unless your government has no written procedures on procurement, your application must demonstrate compliance with these procedures by providing copies of the official procurement procedures you are following along with an explanation of how you will follow these during your proposed grants project.

We didn’t choose the lowest quote provided. How should we handle that?

If you choose a quote other than the lowest quote, justify why you did not choose the lowest one and explain what makes the one you chose more desirable. The reviewers will evaluate whether the case you make for a higher quote is justifiable or not. Compliance with SED's M/WBE requirements may be justification for not choosing the lowest quote.

Is it appropriate to request funding to microfilm or digitize records that could be destroyed according to a State Archives’ retention schedule but which we have decided to keep?

The reviewers are unlikely to recommend funding for records that have met their retention requirements. However, if you believe holding the records beyond their required retention period is the best course of action, you must make a strong case for why the LGRMIF should invest in records that could be destroyed.