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Quotes and Vendors

My vendor does 100% quality control of the digital or micrographic images they produce. Do I have to look at the images also?

As an LGRMIF grantee, you will be required to follow all of the relevant State Archives’ standards and guidelines, and one of these is that you conduct your own content verification to ensure that the vendor did not miss images in the course of filming or scanning. This is especially important for projects where you propose to destroy the original records.

With a conservation project, sometimes you do not know the details of the condition of the records involved and what needs to be done to stabilize the records. How do we come up with expense figures in this situation?

Such a situation requires an evaluation by a conservation expert, and you can apply for a grant under the Historical Records category to develop a proposed conservation treatment plan. When applying for a grant to conserve the records, be sure to submit a copy of the conservation treatment report so reviewers can evaluate whether the proposed treatment is appropriate.

What if shelving costs are $30,000 and installation is part of that cost? Would three quotes be needed since it would be a service over $10,000?

No, it would not. The key is the unit cost of the shelving. Since one unit of shelving is well below the $10,000 threshold and installation is part of that per-unit cost, three quotes would not be required.