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Forms management involves agency activities to control, standardize, design, create, and monitor use of forms.

90288  Forms History Files
Records created and maintained to control the creation, design, printing, use, and revision of agency forms and documentation of the forms review and approval process.  These records typically include program unit requests for preparation of forms, memoranda and other records concerning forms design and use, draft forms, a record copy of each form created by the agency, and related records.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy 2 years after the form is discontinued.

Justification:  Agencies may refer to forms history files for up to 2 years after a form is discontinued to plan revisions of current forms or to reinstate a discontinued form.

90289  Forms Inventory Records 
Inventories of agency forms used to control the creation, use, and proliferation of forms.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy when superseded by an updated inventory.

Justification:  Outdated forms inventories have no legal, fiscal, or administrative value.

90290  Forms Management Program Subject Files 
Records used to support the administration of an agency forms management program, arranged by subject, and consisting of correspondence, memoranda, reports, guidelines, articles, vendor literature, studies, copies of internal policies and procedures, and related records on forms design, management, and control.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy when obsolete or superseded.

Justification:  These records have no legal or fiscal value.

Note:  Agencies should not use this item for records which are covered by separate authorizations in this schedule.

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