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Larry J. Hackman Research Residency Award Recipients

2023 Award Recipients

Steve Boerner, independent researcher
“Historical Landscapes of the Erie Canal”
Eva Climan, Ph.D. candidate, New York University
“The Silent Penitentary: Auditory Discipline in the Age of Reform” (Auburn Prison)
Michael Fortner, Ph.D., Claremont-McKenna College
“Crack and the War on Drugs in New York State”
Daniel Hulsebosch, Ph.D., New York University School of Law
“Confiscation Nation: Revolutionary Forfeiture and State-Building”
David Korostyshevsky, Ph.D., Colorado State University
“The Drunkard’s Discipline: A Medico-Legal History of Compulsive Drinking in the 19th-Century U.S.”
Jennifer Playstead, Ph.D. candidate, University of Michigan
“Learning Race: The Day-to-Day Politics of Slavery in Colonial New York City”
Steven Talbot, independent researcher
"Building the Digital Erie Canal - Map by Map"
John Winters, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
“Decolonization or Declension? The Activist Past and the Regressive Present of the ‘Iroquois Life Group’ Dioramas” (in the State Museum)
Laura Wittern-Keller, Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY
“The Censors’ Demise: The Death Throes of the New York State Motion Picture Division”

2022 Award Recipients

Emily Hawk, Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University
“'Rolling into Action:’ Community-Building and Political Education in New York’s Dancemobile Program, 1967-1988”

Council on the Arts records contain unique information on the Dancemobile program, created by Carole Johnson in 1967. An initiative of the Harlem Cultural Council, Dancemobile advanced the art of Black choreographers and shared this art with communities often excluded from access to live performance.

BJ Lillis, Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University
“A Valley between Worlds: Slavery, Dispossession, and the Creation of a Settler-Colonial Society in the Hudson Valley, 1659-1766”

Civil and criminal court records contribute to a study of the links between the colonial Hudson Valley and the British Empire to yield insights into race and community in the 18th Century. 

Anna Mueser, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
“Land After Technology: Collective Memory and the New York City Watershed”

Records of state agencies like DEC will provide context for the documented experiences of farmers and others in the Catskills who live or had lived near the reservoirs that provide fresh water to New York City.

Carol O’Sullivan, Associate Professor, University of Bristol, UK
“A History of Movie Subtitling”

Motion Picture Division film scripts will contribute to a history of film subtitling in the English-speaking world between 1931, the year that 'foreign films' were first exhibited with English subtitles, and 2020, the year that a subtitled film first won the Academy Award for Best Film.

Paola Panciroli, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Rome Tor Vergata
“Heal without Harming. The Relationships between Homeopathy and Psychiatry in the 19th Century”

Records of the Middletown State Hospital illustrate the history of the relationship between American homeopathy and psychiatry in the second half of the 19th Century.  Middletown clinical records document alternative treatment and care of mentally ill men and women.

Christopher Romanchock, Independent Researcher (teacher)
“The Amazing Birth, Odd Life, and Scandalous Death of the Genesee Valley Canal”

Extensive records in the State Archives reveal the history of the Genesee Valley Canal and the technological, political, and cultural aspects of “Canal Fever” in New York State.

Ginger Strand, Independent Researcher (author)
“Two Marriages” [working title] 

Motion Picture Division film scripts and other records provide insights into the parallel and intertwined marriages of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Anita Loos, plagiarism by both husbands of their wives’ writings, and aspects of gender and marriage in early 20th Century America.

Marie Céline Weisser, Dipl. Graduate Student Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
“Humanity as an Argument in the History of the Auburn Prison in the Long 19th Century”

Records of Auburn Prison, from its origins to the end of the 19th century, illustrate the impact of the ideologies of the Enlightenment and humanism. Comparative study will also use prison records in Pennsylvania, Germany, and England.

2021 Award Recipients

Anders Bright, PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania.
“Luck’s Metropolis: Lotteries, Banks, and Class in New York, 1780-1830.”
Joshua Kluever, PhD Candidate, SUNY Binghamton.
“Hiding in Plain Sight: American Socialists at the State Level, 1899-1945.”
Anna Lehr-Mueser, PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania.
"Land After Technology: Collective Memory and the New York City Watershed.”
Christopher Minty, Managing Editor, Papers of John Dickinson, University of Virginia.
“Robert R. Livingston and New York's Judiciary.”
Elizabeth Moore, independent writer and researcher.
“Getting It Done: Robert Moses, Andrew Cuomo and the Struggle to Modernize America's Busiest Commuter Railroad.”
Sasha Panaram, Assistant Professor of English, Fordham University.
"'I write to save my life': Black Feminism and The Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge Program, 1964 – 2020.”
Alex Paul, PhD Candidate, University of Houston.
“Becoming American: Ethnic Soldiers in the U.S. Army during the First World War.”
Elyse Singer, Doctoral Student, CUNY Graduate Center.
“Performing Gestures of Female Madness Across Media Circa 1900.”

2020 Award Recipients

Brad Edmondson, independent researcher.
Battle of the Blue Line: The Origin and Early Years of the Adirondack Park Agency.”
Research will investigate the history of early years of the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) and predecessor agencies using records and oral histories.
Hongdeng Gao, Ph.D. candidate, Columbia University.
Migration, Medicine and Power: How Chinese New Yorkers Gained Better Access to Health Care, 1949-1999.”
Research will focus on New York State’s involvement in the development of health care systems for poor residents in New York City’s Chinatown.
Anthony Grasso, Assistant Professor of Political Science, US Military Academy, West Point.
Privilege and Punishment: Class, Crime, and the Development of the American State.”
Research examines the development of the American criminal justice system and penal policy from late nineteenth century to present, with special focus on the Elmira Reformatory and its superintendent, Zebulon Brockway.
Sally Hadden, Associate Professor of History, Western Michigan University.
Eighteenth-Century Appellate Courts in New York: Exploring Records of the Governor and Council, the Court of Chancery, and the Supreme Court Judicature.”
A study of New York appellate court jurisdiction and practice, 1690s-1790s, using early New York executive records not used for advanced legal history research since the 1940s.
Seth Kershner, graduate student, Department of History, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Policing the New Left: State Police Surveillance Records as a Source for the History of Social Movements.”
A study of anti-war and counterculture movements of 1960s and 1970s, using the Archives’ State Police non-criminal investigation files, with a focus on community college and high school students, teachers, and professors who participated in antiwar groups.
Brooke Lansing, Ph.D. candidate, Johns Hopkins University.
With the Strictest Confidence: Abortion and Contraception in Nineteenth-Century New York.”
A study of nineteenth century women in New York City employing abortion and contraception, using pre-1847 trial court records received by the Archives in 2017.
Tyler Morse, an independent researcher, writer.
Reform in the Carceral Archives: Parole, Indeterminate Sentencing and Conditional Release in New York State, 1879-1900.”
Exploratory research on the origins and current state of the penal system in New York, examining parole, indeterminate sentencing, conditional release and “penology's relationship to eugenics.”
Kristin O'Brassill-Kulfan, Instructor and Coordinator of Public History, Rutgers University.
Surviving the New Nation: A Material History of Poverty in the United States.”
Investigating subsistence activities of the poor in New York, and the “ways in which personal and official definitions of material need” have shaped Americans' experiences, using NY Supreme Court insolvency petitions from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, which have never been used for academic research.
Jon Parmenter, Associate Professor of History, Cornell University.
Lives on the Line: The Mohawk Community of Akwesasne and the International Boundary Across Four Centuries.”
Research focuses on the Akwesasne (St. Regis) Mohawks, whose community was divided between US and Canada when border was confirmed.

2019 Award Recipients

Tera Agyepong, Assistant Professor, History Department, DePaul University
Contested Childhoods: Juvenile Justice and the State Training School for Girls in Hudson, 1904-1975
Nicholas Croggon, Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University
The Utopian Moment: Experimental Video Practices in the 1970’s
Leigh-Anne Francis, Assistant Professor, Department of African American Studies,
Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, The College of New Jersey
Jane Crow (In)Justice: Race, Crime and Punishment in New York State, 1893-1933
Stephen Leccese, Ph.D. Candidate, Fordham University
“Soldiers as Strikebreakers: Attitudes of U.S. Servicemen towards Their Role in Industrial Violence, 1877-1900”
Gustave A. Lester, Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University
Mineral Lands, Mineral Empires: Geology and Capitalism in the Atlantic World, 1780-1880
Daniel London, Ph.D. Candidate, New York University
On What Grounds: The Public Cost of Private Growth in Metropolitan New York, 1880-1940
Benjamin Rohr, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Chicago
The Logic of Office Holding in New York, 1777-1821
Benjamin Schneider, D.Phil. Candidate, University at Oxford
Technological Change and Living Standards 
Dillon Luke Streifeneder, Ph.D. Candidate, The Ohio State University
“That Justice May be More Conveniently Obtained”: Access to the Law, War, and the Rise of the State in Eighteenth Century New York

2018 Award Recipients

Thomas Baker, Associate Professor and Chair, History Department, University at Potsdam, SUNY
Follow the Money: Finances in the Circle of Aaron Burr

Kate Brown, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, Huntington University
The American House of Lords: New York’s Court for the Correction of Errors and the Transformation of Law and Politics in the Early Republic

Matthew Connor, Graduate Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the FDNY: Tragedy and Its Institutional Legacy

Lauren Feldman, Ph.D. Candidate, Johns Hopkins University
Debating the Legislative Definition and Regulation of Marriage in Early Republican New York and the United States, 1776-1860

Melissa Franson, Graduate Student, Binghamton University
The Ties That Bound Them: The Rural Catskills Homefront and Civil War Battlefront, 1861-1865

Michael Glass, Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University
Taxing Property: The Politics of School Finance in Postwar Long Island

Jonathan Jones, Ph.D. Candidate, Binghamton University, SUNY
“A Mind Prostrate”: Physicians, Opiates, and Insanity in the Civil War’s Aftermath

Elana Krischer, Ph.D. Candidate, University at Albany, SUNY
“Free Use and Enjoyment”: A Spatial History of Seneca Sovereignty and Early American Expansion, 1794-1888

Meredith Mowder, Ph.D. Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Art After Dark: Performance in Downtown New York, 1978-1988

Leslie Ward, Assistant Professor, Queensborough Community College, CUNY
“Took Tea at the Asylum”: Biopower and Authority at the New York Asylum for Insane Convicts, 1858-1869

2017 Award Recipients

Tamara Boussac, Ph.D. Candidate, Universite Paris-Sorbonne and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
An Urban History of the Decline of the Welfare State: The 1961“Battle of Newburgh” Revisited

Clifton Hood, Professor of American History and Government, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
An Examination of Records about “Imposter” Films in the Motion Picture Script Collection

Amy Traver, Associate Professor of Sociology, Queensborough Community College, CUNY
“Placing Out” in Upstate New York: The Phenomenon and its Regional Impacts

Matthew Urtz, Madison County Historian
Arthur L. Brooks GAR #272 Research Project

2016 Award Recipients

Kathleen M. Brian, Lecturer in Liberal Studies, Western Washington University
Let Their Weakness Take Them: Suicide and Eugenics in America

Matthew Carr, Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University
State-Level Political Platforms

Jonathan D. Cohen, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Virginia
For a Dollar and a Dream: State Lotteries and the American Culture of Inequality, 1964-2014

Sophie H. Jones, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Liverpool
From Anglicization to Loyalism: New York, 1691-1783

Timo McGregor, Ph.D. Candidate, New York University
Imagining the Dutch Atlantic: Cross-Imperial Collaboration and the Origins of Atlantic Political Thought

Amanda Regan, Ph.D. Candidate, George Mason University
Fit for Duty: Physical Fitness on the Homefront during World War II

Stacy Sewell, Professor of History, St, Thomas Aquinas College
98 Acres in Albany: Documenting the Neighborhoods Lost to the South Mall

Philip Terrie, Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University
The Forest Preserve Debate at the 1938 New York Constitutional Convention

Melissa F. Weiner, Associate Professor of Sociology, College of the Holy Cross
Black, White and Dutch: Origins of Institutional Racism in the US, 1626-1865

2015 Award Recipients

Robert L. Beach, Ph.D. Candidate, University at Albany, SUNY
Consuming Knowledge: Industrial, Medical, and Recreational Uses of Cannabis in New York City, 1870-1940

Howard Bodenhorn, Professor of Economics, Clemson University
Corporate Governance in New York Banking, 1840-1950

Brian Buckley, Hudson Site Coordinator, The Prison Public Memory Project
When the Gates are Closed: New York Juvenile Justice Policy and the Closure of the New York State Training School for Girls, 1972-1975

Rachel Hewitt, Ph.D. Candidate, Glasgow Caledonia University
International Perspectives on Local History: Craig Epileptic Colony, 1900-1939

Aldo Antonio Lauria-Santiago, Professor, Department of History and Department of Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Rutgers University – New Brunswick
"A Better Life": Puerto Rican Workers and the Making of New York City--A History of Class, Community and Struggle, 1917-1970

Kathryn Lawton, Ph.D. Candidate, University at Buffalo, SUNY
The Disability Rights Movement and Deinstitutionalization: Community Living and the New Battle for Desegregation

Mirelle Luecke, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pittsburgh
Topsail Alley: Labor Networks and Social Conflict on the New York Waterfront in the Age of Revolution

Jack Norton, Ph.D. Candidate, CUNY Graduate Center, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
The Urban Development Corporation and Prison Development in New York State

David Schuyler, Arthur & Katherine Shadek Professor of the Humanities and American Studies, Franklin & Marshall College
The Environmental River: The Hudson in American Environmental Law and Policy in the Twentieth Century

2014 Award Recipients

Meredith Denning, Ph.D. Candidate, Georgetown University
From Boundary Waters to Watersheds: Successive Generations of Transboundary Management on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, 1906-1972

Cody Ewert, Ph.D. Candidate, New York University
Making Schools American: Patriotism and Modern Schools in the United States, 1886-1950

Jim Glenn, Graduate Student, University at Maryland
Voted Away: The Political Representation of the Prison Population

Eleanor MahoneyPh.D. Candidate, University of Washington 
Environmental, Economy and Place: New Approaches to Conservation in the New York Urban Cultural Parks

Patrick Nugent, Ph.D. Candidate, George Washington University
Sprawling Environmentalisms: Urban Housing, Open Spaces, and the Ecology of the Urban Crisis in New York City's 'Forgotten Borough'

Michael PospishilPh.D. Candidate, University of Delaware
Science of Statecraft: The Skill of Measuring Land in New York State, 1784-1834

Steven Carl Smith, Assistant Professor of History, Providence College 
The City and the Word: New York City and the Rise of American Print Culture, 1760-1830

Alexander Tepperman, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Florida 
Yard Work: Sports, Games, and Play in the American Prison, 1919-1972

Jennifer Lynn Thomas, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Madness, Landscape, and State-Craft: The Nineteen-Century Insane Asylum System of New York State

Amy Wood, Associate Professor, Illinois State University

Sympathetic Sentiment and the Psychological Treatment of Prisoners in New York, 1880-1940

2013 Award Recipients

John M. Austin, Independent Scholar
The War of 1812 in St. Lawrence County, NY

Christopher Brick, Ph.D. Candidate, The George Washington University
Eleanor Roosevelt, Carmine DeSapio, and the Transformation of Machine Politics in Postwar New York

Garrett Felber, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
The Fighting Man Cannot Win a War Without the Moral Support of the Home Front

Michael Javen Fortner, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Black Silent Majority: Urban Politics and the Development of the Rockefeller Drug Laws

William D. Hickox, Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Kansas
Recruitment of Underage and Overage Soldiers in Northern New York During the Civil War

Benjamin, Holtzman, Ph.D. Candidate, Brown University
Reshaping Real Estate, Remaking New York: Transformation of Homeownership in New York City, 1965-1995

Russ Immarigeon, Independent Scholar
"Less thank the whole truth, if not altogether false": The hidden history of the New York House of Refuge for Women and the New York State Training School for Girls (Hudson, New York), 1887-1975

Diann Terns-Thorpe, Town of Hunter Historian
To acquire as much historical data on the history of the Town of Hunter its industries, lifestyles, economics and peoples.

Jennifer Lynn Thomas, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Madness, Landscape and State-Craft: the Nineteenth-Century Insane Asylum System of New York State

Courtney Thompson, Ph.D. Candidate, Yale University
The Measure of Man: The Bertillon System and Criminal Identification in New York State, 1880-1910

2012 Award Recipients

E. Elif Alp, Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University
Screen Cleaning: The Organizational Dynamics of Film Content Governance

John F. Gearing, Author/Researcher, The Colonial Schenectady Project Ltd
Schenectady Genesis: How a Dutch Colonial Village Became an American City ca. 1661-1800

Moira C. Gillis, Ph.D. Candidate, Brasenose College
The Early American Corporation: The New York Example

Timothy Keogh, Ph.D. Candidate, The Graduate Center of the City University at New York
Suburbs in Black and White: Race, Social Policy and the Suburban Economy on Long Island, 1945-1990

Karen L. Miller, PH.D., Child and Adult Psychiatrist
Patients and Staff at Willard State Hospital in the Twentieth Century: The Lives They Lived

Christopher F. Minty, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Stirling
"Men Glowing with Resentment": Loyalism in Revolutionary New York, c. 1763-82

Lisa K. Parshall, Ph.D., Daemen College
In Local Hands: Village Government Incorporation and Dissolution in New York State

Carolyn Strange, Ph.D., Australian National University
Discretionary Justice in New York, from the Revolutions to the Depression

Karim Tiro, Associate Professor, Xavier University
The Collapse of the New York Salmon Fishery, 1790-1860

Paul J. Zwirecki, Ph.D. Candidate, SUNY Buffalo
"The Suppress All Fanatical Conduct": Religious Enthusiasm and the New York State Lunatic Asylum, 1843-1849.

2011 Award Recipients

Nate Brennan, Ph.D. Candidate, New York University
The Cosmopolitan Screen: International Cinema and New York City Film Culture, 1920-1947

Justin Clement, Graduate Student, University of California-Davis
To Act in concert, and upon a common principle: Revolutionary Mobilization and Conflicting Loyalty on the New York Warpath

Susan L. Conklin, Genesee County Historian
Soldiers and Veterans of the War of 1812 from Genesee County, and the Construction of the New York Arsenal at Batavia

John T. Evers, Ph.D. Candidate, State University at Albany
Alfred E. Smith, the Moreland Act, and Executive Branch Investigation

Dr. Jeremy Greene, Assistant Professor, Harvard University
Generic: A History of Similarity in Modern Medicine

Darryl Hill, Associate Professor, College of Staten Island
Institutional Regulation of Gender and Sexuality: The Willowbrook School

Rebecca O'Neill, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Toronto
Food for Thinking: School Lunch and the Cultural Construction of 'Brain Food' for Children in New York City and Toronto, 1940-1980.

Atiba Pertilla, MacCracken Fellow, New York University
Financial Regulation in New York City, 1893-1914

Kara Schlichting, Ph.D. Candidate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Planning Leisure in Metropolitan New York, From Parkways to Amusement Parks

Chelsea Teale, Ph.D. Candidate, Pennsylvania State University
The Agricultural Use of Wetlands in New Netherlands, ca. 1620-1820.

Peter Wissoker, Ph.D. Candidate, Cornell University
The Role of Insurance Companies in Urban and Regional Growth and Development

2010 Award Recipients

Marsha E. Barrett, Ph.D. Candidate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Rockefeller's New York, Rockefeller's Republicans: A Study of the Republican Party from Albany, New York to Washington, D.C., 1958-1976.

Thomas D. Finger, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Virginia
The Nature of Exchange: The North Atlantic Grain Trade and the Growth of Scientific Knowledge about the Natural World, 1800-1900.

Leigh-Ann Francis, Ph.D. Candidate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Burning Down the Cage: African American Women's Prison Communities in Auburn, New York, 1893-1930.

Bartosz Hlebowicz, Ph.D. Independent Scholar
The Images of Native Americans in the New York State Motion Picture Commission (Motion Pictures Division) Records.

Maeve Kane, Ph.D. Candidate, Cornell University
They That Made the Men: The Labor of Women in the Diplomacy of the Middle Ground.

Laura Miller, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Massachusetts Amherst
The Development of an African American Resort Landscape in the Catskills, 1940-1970.

Faherty L. Nielsen, Ph.D. Candidate, Binghamton University
An "All America" Dystopia: Racial Segregation in Buffalo, N.Y., 1940-1980.

Samuel K. Roberts, Jr., Associate Professor, Columbia University
The Political History of the Rockefeller Drug Law ,1955-1980

Stephen T. Staggs, Ph.D. Candidate, Western Michigan University
Indian-Dutch Relations in New Netherland and New York during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century.

Dorothy Tobin, Ph.D. Candidate, Binghamton University
Woman Appointees to New York State Executive Government 1917-1942.

2009 Award Recipients

Richard V. Barbuto, Deputy Director, Department of Military History, US Army Command & General Staff College
New York State in the War of 1812

Robert Chiles, Graduate Student, University of Maryland
Governor Alfred E. Smith and Transitional Progressivism

M. Alison Kibler, Associate Professor, Franklin and Marshall College
Paddy, Shylock and Sambo: Race-Based Censorship of Motion Pictures in Early Twentieth Century

Sonia Lee, Visiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College
New York State and the Formation of the Puerto Rican and African American Civil Rights Coalition in New York City 1950s-70s.

Stuart Leslie, Professor, John Hopkins University
Thinking Outside the Box: Bertrand Goldberg's Design for the Stony Brook Health Sciences Center

Erica A. Morin, Ph.D. Candidate, Purdue University
Economic Development, Environmental Protection, and Local Concerns: The Relationship between Adirondackers, the Adirondack Park Agency, and New York State, 1967-1990.

Jonathan Nash, Ph.D. Candidate, University at Albany
An Incarcerated Republic: Prisoners, Reformers and the Penitentiary in the early US

Sarah Rose, Education Material Content Developer, Disability History Museum
No Right to be Idle: The Invention of Disability, 1850-1930

Thomas Roffe, Leicester Town and Village Historian
Craig Colony for Epileptics, Sonyea, NY

Ji-Hye Shin, Graduate Student, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
The Invisible Menace: Insane immigrants at New York State Hospital and the Political's of Immigration Control 1880s-1930s

Dorothy C. Tobin, Ph.D. Candidate, Binghamton University and Empire State College
Women Appointees to New York State Executive Government, 1917-1942

Kim Todt, Ph.D. Candidate, Cornell University
Let Us Comprehend the Mysteries of Commerce: The Mercantilist System in New Netherland and Colonial New York from 1630-1790

2008 Award Recipients

Elizabeth Covart, Ph.D. Candidate, University of California-Davis
Collision on the Hudson: Identify, Migration and the Improvement of Albany, New York 1750-1830.

Michelle DuRoss, Ph.D. Candidate, University at Albany
Divorce in New York, 1787-1832, which is part of a larger project, a dissertation on marital relationships in New York during the revolutionary war.

Laura Hill, Ph.D. Candidate, Binghamton University
North Star: The Black Struggle in Rochester, NY: 1964-1975

Brian Purnell, Assistant Professor, Fordham University
Racial Discrimination in Housing, Public Schools and Employment in New York City, 19410-1975.

Edmund Raus, Independent Scholar 
Cortlandt County During Civil War, 1860-1865

Mariana Rhoades, Special Lecturer, St. John Fisher College
A comprehensive study of the construction of the original and enlarged Erie Canal that examines stone used for large canal structures and sources of stone; and, the developing quarrying in New York during 1817-1862

Aaron Shkuda, Ph.D. Candidate, University at Chicago
The Making of Contemporary New York: Art, Urban Development and Industry in SoHo and Lower Manhattan, 1945-1980

Stacie Taranto, Student, Brown University
Debating Family Values: Women, Politics, and the Rise of Conversation in New York State 1970-1992

2007 Award Recipients

Johathan Anzalone, Ph.D. Candidate, State University of New York at Stony Brook
The Production and Consumption of Recreation in New York's State Parks, 1885-1971

Kevin Butterfield, Ph.D. Candidate, Washington University in St. Louis 
Unbound by Law: Association and Autonomy in the Early American Republic

John M. Foster, JR., Purdue University 
Defenders of the Home Front: The Contributions of Northern State Militias to the Union War Effort

Timothy W. Kneeland, Associate Professor of History and Political Science, Nazareth College of Rochester 
The Political Consequences of Natural Disaster: Hurricane Agnes in New York State, 1972

Juilly Kohler-Hausmann, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
Building a Punishing Consensus: New York's Abandonment of Rehabilitation in the Rockefeller Drug Laws

Maureen Mahoney, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Crack Cocaine Crisis in New York City, ca. 1970-1990

Brian Phillips Murphy, 5th Year Graduate Student/Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Virginia 
The Politics Corporations Make: Interests, Institutions, State Formation and the Development of Political Parties in New York, 1782-1846

Melissa Nathanson, Independent researcher and writer 
Augers of Justice: The New York State Forebears of Harry A. Blackmun, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1970-1994

Lori V. Quigley, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Buffalo State College 
The Final Decades of the Thomas Indian School

David J. Soll, Graduate Student (ABD), Bradeis University, Graduate Program in American History 
From the Catskill Mountains to the Manhattan Streets: An Environmental History of the New York City Water Supply

Thomas Wirth, Doctoral Student, Binghamton University, SUNY 
Laboring to Learn: Workers' Education and the Struggle for Social Democracy in New York City, 1901-1956

2006 Award Recipients

Richard V. Barbuto, Professor and Deputy Director, Department of Military History, US Army Command and General Staff College
The Third Artillery Regiment in the War of 1812

Philip A. Bean, Associate Dean and Director of Academic Resources at Haverford College, Haverford, PA.
New York State Corruption Investigations in Utica, 1949-58

James A. Beine, Retired.
The Rose of Public Policy and New York Public Retirement Systems

Robert T. Chase, doctoral candidate, University at Maryland, College Park.
Race, Reform, and the Rehabilitative Prison in New York and Texas.

Brian Hoffman, graduate student at the University of Illinois Urban-Champaign
Making Private Parts Public: The American Nudist Movement 1929-1963

Robert Malcomson, independent scholar.
New York State Men at Arms during the Attach on York, Upper Canada, 27 April 1813

Timothy Orr, doctoral candidate at Pennsylvania State University.
Urban Men to Arms: Northern Cities Mobilize to Fight the Civil War

Philip Tiemeyer, doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Austin.
Manhood Up in the Air, Gender, and Corporate Culture in Postwar America

2005 Award Recipients

Ron Arons, Independent Writer, Oakland, Calif.
The Jews of Sing Sing

Tricia Barbagallo, Graduate Student, Department of History, SUNY University at Albany
Poor Unheralded Lives: The Paupers of Albany, New York, 1686 to 1803

Brian Buff, Independent Scholar, Albany, N.Y.
Flags, Bunting, Parades, and Fireworks: New York State and Public Commemoration of the Past

Laura H. Congleton, Independent Researcher, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Boys in Blue: Union Volunteers from Owego, N.Y.

Peter Eisenstadt, Independent Scholar, Rochester, N.Y.
Rochdale Village and the Rise and Fall of Integrated Housing in New York City

Rusell L. Johnnson, Lecturer, Department of History, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
The ‘It' Girl and 1920s America [ censorship of films starring Clara Bow ]

Jeffery Kraus, Professor, Department of History, Political Science, and Economics, Wagner College, Staten Island, N.Y.
The Pre-New Deal: Franklin Roosevelt as Governor of New York State, 1929-1933

Lisa L. Ossian, Instructor, Southwestern Community College, Winterset, Ia.,
American Children and the Second World War

Edward Paulino, Assistant Professor, Department of History, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.
Indecent and Obscene Scenes: Censoring in Latin American Films by the Motion Picture Division

Marian Rhoades, Instructor, Department of Chemistry, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, N.Y.
Study of Building Stone Used in the Erie Canal from 1817 to the Present

Mark L. Thompson, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La.
The ‘Swedish' Nation under Dutch Rule: Ethnic and National Identities in the Delaware Valley, 1655-1664

2004 Award Recipients

Amy Godine, Lecturer, University Without Walls, Skidmore College
A Scheme of Justice and Benevolence: Using Tax Records to Explore the Bright Life and Swift Demise of an African-American Adirondack Farm Colony Before the Civil War

Ella Howard, doctoral candidate, Boston University
Skid Row: A Cultural History of the Bowery

James Kaser, Associate Professor and Archivist, The College of Staten Island
A Guide to Archival Materials Related to Staten Island at the New York State Archives

Guillaume Martin, Independent Scholar
The Transatlantic Slave Trade in Colonial New York, circa 1682-1774: A Case Study of a Minor Port

Pamela McVay, Associate Professor of History, Ursuline College
Negotiating Stereotypes: Legal Narratives in the Dutch Republic and the Indies 1585-1725 (A Project Requiring the Use of the Fort Orange Records 1656-1678 and Council Minutes 1638-1665)

Jon Parmenter, Assistant Professor, History Department, Cornell University
At the Wood's Edge: Iroquois Politics and Society, 1675-1775

Douglas Platt, Museum Coordinator, People Inc.
Disability Policy: A Historical Perspective in New York State

Dan Prosterman, doctoral candidate in history, New York University
Creating the Cold War in New York City: Political Activism, Electoral Reform, and the Rise of Anti-Communism, 1935-1947

Heather Thompson, Associate Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Attica: Race, Rebellion, and the Rise of Law and Order America

Ilyon Woo, Preceptor (Instructor) and doctoral candidate, Columbia University:
Mother Against Mother

2003 Award Recipients

Hilary Botein, doctoral student in urban planning, Columbia University
Solid Testimony of Labor's Present Status: Unions and Housing in Postwar New York City

Marlene Doxtator, Coordinator of New York Land Rights, Oneida Nation
Oneida Nation Archival Project Proposal: To collect information on history relating to Six Nations and Oneida

Michael E. Easterly, doctoral student in history, University of California, Los Angeles
Mortgaging the Future: The Establishment of Claims to Salaried Employees' Future Earnings in New York City, 1890-1920

David A. Fyfe, graduate student in geography and research assistant, The Pennsylvania State University
From Roundhouse to Cloverleaf: How modern transportation networks have influenced land-use change in the Albany/Binghamton corridor of New York State

Miriam Greenberg, Assistant Professor of Media and Urban Studies, Pratt Institute, and doctoral student in sociology, City University of New York
Branding New York: The Rise of a New Strategy of Economic Development, 1968-2002

Simon Middleton, PhD, Lecturer in American History, University of East Anglia
Privileges and Profits: Tradesmen In Colonial New York, 1621-1750

Edythe Ann Quinn, PhD, Associate Professor of History, Hartwick College
Records on "The Hills," A Rural African American Community in Westchester County, 1780s - 1920s, in the New York State Archives

Peter Siskind, PhD, Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, and Adjunct Lecturer, Temple University
Black and Environmental Politics' Parallel Paths: Nelson Rockefeller and the Evolution of Metropolitan Liberalism in 1960s New York and Growth and Its Discontents: Localism, Protest and the Politics of Development on the Postwar Northeast Corridor

2002 Award Recipients

Richard Bond, doctoral candidate in history, The Johns Hopkins University
Black Life in Eighteenth-Century New York

Loren A. Broc, doctoral candidate in history, University at Albany, State University of New York
Religion and Insanity in New York State, 1800-1870

Thomas H. Cox, doctoral candidate in history, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Courting Commerce: Gibbons v. Ogden and the Transformation of Commerce Regulation in the Early Republic

Brad Edmondson, Independent scholar
Silent Voices: The Rise of New York's Insane Asylums, 1840-1900

Raymond J. Haberski, Jr., PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of History/Political Science, Marian College
"The Heroic Age of Moviegoing": New York City Movie Culture, 1945-1975

Mary Keelan, doctoral candidate in comparative literature and film studies, The Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York, and independent non-profit and library consultant
Legislating cinema aesthetics: response of the NYS Examiners to Soviet Film Exhibition in NY from the 1920s through the 1930s

Laurie Kozakiewicz, doctoral candidate in history, University at Albany, State University of New York
In Politics a "Half a Loaf" is Still Progress: Five Women's Political Careers in New York State 1895-1950

Stephen A. Mihm, doctoral candidate in history, New York University
Making Money: Bank Notes, Counterfeiting, and Confidence, 1789-1877

Sean T. Moore, doctoral candidate, University of Connecticut
Crime and Clemency in New York State, 1799-1860

Benjamin Reiss, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Tulane University, and National Endowment for the Humanities/American Antiquarian Society Fellow
Literary Life in a Nineteenth-Century Insane Asylum

Jeffery T. Sammons, PhD, Professor of History, New York University
"Harlem's 'Hellfighters' and the Crusade for Citizenship": The 369th Regiment, 'The Great War', and Black New York

David Stradling, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Cincinnati
Making Mountains: New York City and the Catskills

Invitational Resident

Richard Dickenson, Public Historian, Borough of Staten Island; Richmond County, New York
Pre-Consolidation Education: A Historical Pursuit

2001 Award Recipients

Mark Anderson PhD., Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Regulating Personalities: The New York State Motion Picture Commission and the Hollywood Star System, 1921-1927

Nancy A. Banks, doctoral candidate in History, Columbia University
Workers Against Liberalism: The Struggle over Affirmative Action in the New York City Building and Construction Trades, 1961-1976.

Thomas H. Cox, doctoral candidate and Adjunct Instructor in History, State University of New York, University at Buffalo
Courting Commerce: "Gibbons vs. Ogden" and the Transformation of Commerce Regulation in the Early Republic

Peter R. Demontravel, PhD , Adjunct Instructor, Sociology/History, College of New Rochelle
From the Sidewalks of New York: The 71st New York State National Guard at San Juan Hill

Janna L. Dieckmann, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Systems of Long-Term Care for the Aged and Chronically Ill in New York State, 1940-1970

Joshua R. Greenberg, doctoral candidate in History, American University
Household Data for Journeymen Tradesmen in New York City, 1800-1840

Colette Lemmon, Special Exhibits Consultant/Curator, Seneca-Iroquois National Museum
Salem Days: The Thomas Indian School in Perspective

Noel Maccarry, School Library Media Specialist and English Language Arts Chairman, North Salem Central School District
A Young Person's Guide to the American Revolution in Westchester County

Anne K. Oboyski, M.S, R.N, C.S., Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome and doctoral candidate in History, State University of New York, University at Albany
The Development, Evolution and Control of the Profession of Nursing in New York State -- 1902 to 1949

Patrick Peterson, Director, Holland Patent Teaching - Learning Center
Digitization of select Department of Visual Instruction images

David H. Serlin, PhD, Assistant Professor, Albright College
Graphic Medicine: Modern Health Care and Postwar Photography, 1945-1980

Christine A. Smith, President and Chief Conservator, Conservation of Art of Paper, Inc.
The 1911 Fire at the State Capitol: William Berwick and Efforts to Salvage and Restore Artifacts

Eve P. Smith, DSW, Independent Scholar, University of Windsor, Ontario (retired)
Policy Development, Change & Government Supervision of Child Welfare in N Y S, 1860-1998: part of book "Gotham's Orphans: A History of Child Welfare in NY"

Susan Jane Staffa, PhD, Independent Scholar
Schenectady Genesis: The Creation of an American City from an Anglo-Dutch Colonial Town, ca.1774-1800

Laura Wittern-Keller, doctoral candidate and Graduate Assistant in History, State University of New York, University at Albany
The Film Censors of New York State, the Courts, and the First Amendment: 1922-1965

2000 Award Recipients

Andrew D. Arenson, Teacher of U.S. History, Arlington Central School District
The Arlington Repository/Museum - Teacher Curriculum Development Center and Community Research Facility

Cleeson S. Bush, PhD, Historian, Town of New Baltimore; and Co-Librarian, Greene County Historical Society
The Loss of a Town Institution: New Baltimore's Schools

Lisa Cardyn, J.D., doctoral candidate in American Studies, Yale University, Joint-Degree Program
Theorizing Practice/Practicing Theory: Traumatic Sex and American Psychology

John C. Fredriksen, PhD, Independent scholar
War of 1812 Manuscripts: A Directory of North American Repositories

Robin L.E. Hemenway, doctoral candidate in American Studies, University of Minnesota
A Better Family? Indenture, Juvenile Rehabilitation, and The Politics of Reform at the New York House of Refuge, 1890-1915

Benjamin Justice, doctoral candidate in History of Education, Stanford University
Peaceable Adjustments: Religious Diversity and Local Control in New York State Public Schools, 1865-1900

Kathleen S. Kutolowski, PhD, Associate Professor of History, State University of New York, College at Brockport
Genesee Gentry: Patronage Appointments and the Making of a Local Political Elite, 1803-1821

Teresa K. Lehr, Instructor, Department of English/Advisement Coordinator, State University of New York at Brockport
Epidemic! New York State's Response to Contagious Diseases, 1880-1920

Anne K. Oboyski, MS, RN, CS, Assistant Professor of Nursing, State University of New York, Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome; and doctoral candidate in History, State University of New York, University at Albany
The Development, Evolution and Control of the Profession of Nursing in New York State, 1902-1949

Tod M. Ottman, doctoral candidate in History, State University of New York, University at Albany; and Adjunct Professor, The Sage Colleges
The Empire State at War: World War II's Impact on the Policies, Politics, and Institutional Development of the New York State Government

Henry J. Rademacher, doctoral candidate and Teaching Assistant in Geography, Pennsylvania State University
Geographies of Investment in New York State Railroads: Changing Patterns of a Corporate System

Donald M. Roper, Ph.D., Independent scholar and Retired, Associate Professor of History, State University of New York, College at New Paltz
Shaping the Young Republic's Law: The New York Supreme Court, 1798-1823

Joseph F. Spillane, PhD., Assistant Professor of Criminology and History, University of Florida
Young Offenders in Prison: The Legacy of Correctional Innovation in New York State, 1930-1980

Ren Vasiliev, PhD, Associate Professor of Geography, State University of New York, College at Geneseo
The Placenames of New York State

Laura Wittern-Keller, doctoral candidate and Graduate Assistant in History, State University of New York, University at Albany
An inquiry into the legal challenges to New York State's film censorship statute, 1922-1965, and how the resulting court decisions contributed to our current interpretation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

1999 Award Recipients

James D. Alsop, PhD, Professor of History, McMaster University
Public Health Challenges, 1689-1798: Migration and Military Activity in New York State

Elizabeth Alice Clement, PhD, Lecturer in History, University of Pennsylvania
Trick or Treat: Prostitution and Working-Class Women's Sexuality, New York City, 1900-1932

Carolyne E. Cocca, doctoral candidate (ABD) in Politics and Graduate Assistant in Politics, New York University
Regulating Adolescent Sexuality: A Critical Analysis of Gender, Race, and Class in Statutory Rape Policies and Prosecutions--New York and California, 1948-98

Ronald E. Dombrowski, Jr., Teacher of Social Studies, Red Hook High School
Primary Documents by County: Reform/Change described by the NYS Archives concerning Environmental/Health; Juvenile Rehabilitation; and Political Reform--A Teachers Resource

Allison Dorsey, PhD, Assistant Professor of History, Swarthmore College
Across the Lines: White Communities and Black Migrants in Oneida County New York, 1930-1975

Stephen Duncome, PhD, Assistant Professor of American Studies, and Andrew Mattson Lecturer in American Studies, State University of New York, College at Old Westbury
A Portrait of the Criminal as a Young Man: Crime and Juvenile Delinquency in 1920s New York City.

Michael R. Fein, doctoral candidate in American History, Brandeis University
Public Works: The Politics and Economics of Highway Construction in New York State, 1890-1956

Thomas H. Fletcher, PhD, Lecturer and Teaching Assistant in Geography, McGill University
Love Canal and the Geography of Environmental Politics in New York State

Peter Hanson, Independent scholar
Dalton Trumbo: The Screenwriter as Rebel (1935-1973)

Mark P. Meuwese, doctoral candidate (ABD) in History, University of Notre Dame
War, Trade, and Intermarriage: Indigenous Peoples and the making of the Dutch Seaborne Empire in the Atlantic World, 1590-1700

David L. Preston, doctoral candidate in History, College of William and Mary
The Texture of Contact: European Settlers and Indians on the New York Frontiers, 1700-1774

Diane Shaw, PhD, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University
Sorting the City: Urban Landscapes in Upstate New York, 1810-1850

Susanah E. Shaw, doctoral candidate in History, Cornell University
Family Frontiers: Gender and Family in the Shaping of New Netherland, 1609-1664

Eve P. Smith, D.S.W., Independent scholar
The Case of the Thomas Indian School: an in-depth study of a minority institution in comparison with other institutions for dependent children in New York State

Chad R. Wheaton, doctoral candidate in History, Syracuse University
Exhibition and Spectacle: 150 Years of Culture, Politics, and Business at the New York State Fair, 1841-1991

John Fabian Witt, doctoral candidate in Law and History, Yale Law School/Yale University; Legal History Fellow, Yale Law School; and Richard Franke Fellow, Yale University
Administering Twentieth-Century Accident Law, a chapter in a dissertation entitled Accident and Design: Workmen's Compensation and the Making of Modern American Personal Injury Law, 1870-1940

1998 Award Recipients

Karen A. Balcom, doctoral candidate in History, Rutgers University
The Traffic in Babies: Cross-Border Adoption, Baby-Selling and the Development of Child Welfare Systems in Canada and the United States, 1930-1960

James W. Darlington, PhD, Independent Scholar
Salt from the Earth: The Growth and Transformation of the Onondaga Salt Industry, 1797-1920

Colin J. Davis, PhD, Associate Professor of History, University of Alabama at Birmingham
African American Longshoremen in New York City: The Post WWII Era of Challenge and Confrontation

Mary Beth Debicki, doctoral candidate in History, University of Kansas
Themis in the Empire State: The Supreme Court of Judicature and The Court of Chancery in the Lives of New York Women, 1797-1847

Maryrose Eannace, doctoral candidate in English, State University of New York, University at Albany and Assistant Professor/Director of Theatre, Cazenovia College
Lunatic Literature: The Opal, 1851-1860

Jeffrey B. Flagg, Graduate Research Fellow and doctoral candidate in American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University
The Road to Wisdom: Evolution of a Land Ethic in the Adirondack State Park

Thomas H. Fletcher, doctoral candidate in Geography, McGill University
Love Canal: Its Twenty-Year Legacy and Impact of Environmental Policy and Politics in New York State"

Kathrun W. Lerch, Independent Scholar
The Eighth New York Heavy Artillery Regiment, 1862-1865: A Military and Social History of the Men from Western New York and Their Communities

Jo Margaret Mano, PhD, Associate Professor of Geography, State University of New York at New Paltz
Investigating the New York Surveyor General's Office: 1784-1834

Tod M. Ottman, doctoral candidate in History, State University of New York, University at Albany
The Impact of World War II on the Policies and Politics of New York State Government

Michael Spear, doctoral candidate in American History, City University of New York Graduate Center
Labor, Politics and the Crisis of Liberalism: NYC Municipal Unions and the NYC Fiscal Crisis of the 1970s

Karim M. Tiro, doctoral candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania
The People of the Standing Stone: The Oneida Indian Nation from Revolution through Removal, 1768-1850

James H. Williams, PhD, Assistant Professor of History, Middle Tennessee State University
Identity as Power: The Cultural Struggle for the Early Mid-Atlantic Colonies

1997 Award Recipients

Rachel J. Devlin, doctoral candidate in History, Yale University
Their Fathers' Daughters: Female Adolescence and the Problem of Sexual Authority in America, 1945-1965

Mark J. Essig, doctoral candidate in History, Cornell University
The Jury Yawns and Wonders What it all Means: Forensic Medicine, Expert Testimony, and the Problem of Explaining Science to Nonscientists

Tami J. Friedman, doctoral candidate in US History, Columbia University
Communities in Competition: Capital Migration and Plant Relocation in the US Carpet Industry, 1935-1975

Stephen C. Light, Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, State University of New York, College at Plattsburgh
Prisoners Discharged by Death from Auburn Prison, 1933-1963

1996 Award Recipients

Simon Cole, doctoral candidate in Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University
Manufacturing Identity: A History of Techniques of Criminal Identification in the US

Cheryl Hicks, doctoral candidate in American History, Princeton University
Women, Prisons and Race in New York, 1890-1940

Seth I. Kamil, doctoral candidate in American History, Columbia University
The Management of Misery: Homelessness in New York City, 1857-1940

Gretchen E. Knapp, Visiting Assistant Professor in History, Eastern Illinois University
War and Welfare: Public Policy and Social Problem-Solving in New York

Patrick McGreevy, Associate Professor in Geography, Clarion University
Nature's Strongest Barrier: Topography and Meaning in Lockport

Thomas Mauhs-Pugh, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education, Dartmouth College
A History of Rural Schooling in New York State, 1795-1995

James M. Pearson, doctoral candidate in History, University of California Los Angeles
Liberty Suspended: the Rise and Decline of Debt Imprisonment in New York, 1750-1831