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Index to the New York State Auditor General copies of accounts audited by the Auditor General for bills presented to the State

This series consists of two original volumes (Vol. A and Vol. B) of accounts for obligations incurred by the state from 1775-1794. Entries include abstracts of pay and ration rolls for militia officers and private soldiers; accounts for supplies purchased or requisitioned; accounts for soldiers' back pay or widows' pensions; accounts for loyalist lands leased or sold; accounts for service by state officers and; accounts of port fees. Original manuscript indexes to Volumes A and B and bound photostatic copies of the two original volumes are also included in the series.

Dates: 1780-1794

Series: A0870

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Last Name First Name Role Location For more information Notation
Udney Hay, State Agent Claimant Book B, Page 246 Email Researcher Services at
Ufford Ephraim, Quarter Master Claimant Book B, Page 362 Email Researcher Services at
Upright George, Pvt. Claimant Book A, Page 64 Email Researcher Services at