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Index to the Entry documentation relating to pension claims, First N.Y. Regiment Volunteers, Mexican War

This series contains letters, affidavits, and other supporting documentation submitted to the state comptroller by veterans of the Mexican War or their legal representatives in order to verify military service and apply for pension funds. The documents contain detailed military service information including the claimant's rank, his company, the battles in which he was engaged, and any wounds he received.

Dates: 1870-1887

Series: A1254

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Last Name First Name Role Organization Digitized Document Location For more information Notation
Ackerman Isaac Claimant 10th NY Regulars, Company I View " Isaac Ackerman" in document Box 1 Folder 1 Item 1 Email Researcher Services at
Adams John Claimant 1st NY Volunteers View " John Adams" in document Box 2 Folder 15 Item 218 Email Researcher Services at
Angell Henry W. Claimant 10th NY Infantry, Company D View " Henry W. Angell" in document Box 1 Folder 2 Item 2 Email Researcher Services at
Armstrong Armstrong View "Armstrong Armstrong" in document Box 1 Folder 36 Item 104 Email Researcher Services at