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Index to the New Netherland Council Writs of Appeal

This series consists of writs of appeal, in Dutch, from judgments made by the courts of New Amsterdam, Oostdurp (Westchester), Heemsteede, New Amstel, Wiltwyck (in the Esopus), Flushing (on Long Island), and Fort Orange. Writs of appeal were granted by the Council of the Colony of New York in response to petitions, usually submitted by one party in a civil action. The records in this series also include summonses and writs of mandamus.

Dates: 1658-1663

Series: A1877

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Last Name First Name Role Dates Accretion Digitized Document Location For more information Notation
Catarina Ram Anna Mentioned Document February 25 1660
A1877-78 View "Anna Catarina Ram" in document Volume 16, pt4_0015 Email Researcher Services at
Claesen de Moore Anthony Mentioned Document March 14 1659
A1877-78 View "Anthony Claesen de Moore" in document Volume 16, pt4_0010 Email Researcher Services at
Claesen Moore Antony Mentioned Document October 9 1658
A1877-78 View "Antony Claesen Moore" in document Volume 16, pt4_0005 Email Researcher Services at
Cobes Lodovicus Mentioned Document June 5 1662
A1877-78 View "Lodovicus Cobes" in document Volume 16, pt4_0028 Email Researcher Services at
Coopall Jan Mentioned Document January 23 1659
A1877-78 View "Jan Coopall" in document Volume 16, pt4_0006 Email Researcher Services at
Culpeper Jan Mentioned Document May 24 1663
A1877-78 View "Jan Culpeper" in document Volume 16, pt4_0030 Email Researcher Services at
Cuvilje Adriane Mentioned Document April 12 1660
A1877-78 View "Adriane Cuvilje" in document Volume 16, pt4_0015bis Email Researcher Services at