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Index to the Curacao records

The Curaçao records, in Dutch, document the West India Company's activities in the Caribbean during the seventeenth century; supply information about the administration of affairs on Curaçao; and depict the commercial relationship between the islands and New Netherland. The series includes administrative records and correspondence, and business records relating to trade and shipping. The records were maintained by Petrus Stuyvesant, who served as director of Curaçao and dependencies during the years 1642-1644, 1646-1664.

Dates: 1640-1665

Series: A1883

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Last Name First Name Role Dates Accretion Digitized Document Location For more information Notation
Ebbingh Jeronimo Mentioned Document April 28 1664
A1883-78 View "Jeronimo Ebbingh" in document Volume 17, 084 Email Researcher Services at
Edowaertsz Davit Mentioned Document March 31 1643
A1883-78 View "Davit Edowaertsz" in document Volume 17, 004b Email Researcher Services at
Eldersz van Couseur Hendrijck Mentioned Document August 25 1644
A1883-78 View "Hendrijck Eldersz van Couseur" in document Volume 17, 010c Email Researcher Services at
Emriques Mordakay Mentioned Document January 1 1656
A1883-78 View "Mordakay Emriques" in document Volume 17, 037 Email Researcher Services at
Evertsz Roeloff Mentioned Document May 8 1660
A1883-78 View "Roeloff Evertsz" in document Volume 17, 064 Email Researcher Services at
Eyckenboom De Mentioned Document May 8 1660
A1883-78 View "De Eyckenboom" in document Volume 17, 063 Email Researcher Services at