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Index to the New York State Reformatory Register of New Inmates of Italian Citizenry

This single volume was used by the keepers of the State Reformatory at Elmira to specifically enumerate and track inmates of Italian birth. Institutional authorities considered Italian immigrants to be among the new "dangerous classes" threatening American society. State authorities also feared that immigrant criminals were overburdening the prison system and that the federal government should bear a greater share of the expense of incarceration.

Dates: 1915-1930

Series: B0126

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Last Name First Name Role Dates Places Number Number Type For more information Notation
Elacqua Tony Incarcerated Individual Admission 1929-12-01
Birth 1913-11-01
Albany County (N.Y.)
36111 Consecutive Email Researcher Services at
Elicina Alfred Incarcerated Individual Admission 1915-11-01
Birth 1899-07-03
New York County (N.Y.)
Sicily (Italy)
26013 Consecutive Email Researcher Services at
Esposito Louis Incarcerated Individual Admission 1920-01-01
Birth 1900-10-02
New York County (N.Y.)
Naples (Italy)
28906 Consecutive Email Researcher Services at