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Index to the Sing Sing Prison

This series consists of case files of Sing Sing Prison inmates sentenced to electrocution. Included are warrants of execution; investigation reports (personal and criminal history); receipts for, and replies to, notice of appeal (if filed); correspondence regarding writing and visiting privileges with the inmate; Sing Sing admission forms, including medical examination and psychologists' examination reports; certifications of execution of death sentence, including post-mortem reports; and outgoing reports with detailed information on the remains of the executed inmate.

Dates: 1939-1963

Series: B0145

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Last Name First Name Role Organization Dates Accretion Number Number Type Location For more information Notation
Allen Henry Louis Incarcerated Individual Sing Sing Prison Release 1954 March 11
B0145-80 114314 Consecutive Box 21 Folder 2 Email Researcher Services at
Almodovar Anibal Incarcerated Individual Sing Sing Prison Release 1943 September 16
B0145-80 Email Researcher Services at
Arrington Floyd Incarcerated Individual Sing Sing Prison Release 1949 September 1
B0145-80 107756 Consecutive Box 13 Folder 4 Email Researcher Services at