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Index to the Bushwick Correctional Facility Inmate Case Files

Bushwick Correctional Facility, located in Brooklyn, New York, was also known as Bushwick Rehabilitation Center and Bushwick Community Based Center. It was administered by the Narcotics Addiction Control Commission under the Office of Mental Hygiene, and served as a work release and general confinement facility from the late 1960s through the middle 1970s. Inmate case files describe in great detail the family and social background, arrest, confinement, and release/parole of incarcerated men.

Dates: 1956-1981

Series: W0063

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Last Name First Name Role Organization Accretion Number Number Type Location For more information Notation
Rodriguez Angelo Incarcerated Individual Bushwick Correctional Facility W0063-98C 75A0626 Inmate Box 1 Email Researcher Services at