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New York State Archives Copying Fees

Effective October 28, 2019

Copy Medium and Format Source Document Copy Fee
Photocopy: 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" (from paper documents or microfilm) $.25 per page
Download or photocopy: 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" (self-service from microforms) No charge
Photocopy: 11" x 17" (from oversize documents) $1.00 per page
PDF digital file up to 8.5" x 14" $.25 per page
PDF digital file larger than 8.5" x 14" $1.00 per page
PDF digital file legislative bill or veto jacket $10.00 flat rate
TIFF digital file: publication quality image to researcher's specifications any size $10.00 per image
Microfilm (diazo) (from existing film only) By arrangement with vendor
Microfiche (diazo) (from existing fiche only) By arrangement with vendor
Audio-visual records (various formats) By arrangement with vendor
Certification of Copies certificate by archivist with impression of Archives seal $10.00 per certification

Large digital copy orders that take over two hours to complete will be charged at either the amount per page or an amount equal to the hourly salary of the lowest paid agency employee who has the necessary skill required to prepare a copy of the requested record, whichever is the lower cost, in accordance with New York State Freedom of Information Law Sect. 87.1(c). 

Digital Scans

Copies of images that are part of the growing Digital Collections can be downloaded for free from the website.  View the Digital Collections at:

General Information

No self-service photocopying is available except for photocopies made from microforms (microfilm, microfiche, or aperture cards).
Researchers may copy documents with their own handheld digital cameras, using available light (no tripods or lights). This is subject to State Archives restrictions on handling fragile materials. A copy stand is available for researcher use. 
Pre-payment is required for all copy orders, except for orders by State and local government agencies. 
Checks and money orders should be made payable to "New York State Archives." (Do not send cash.) To pay by credit card, supply the name on the card, a contact phone number, and the address where the credit card bill is sent – we will phone to collect credit card information for payment. 
Copy orders enter the queue in the order that payment is received. Large orders may be subject to delay because of other demands on staff and equipment time.
The State Archives will not make copies of records containing information restricted by law, except for legally-authorized purposes.
The State Archives will not make photocopies or digital images of fragile original documents, when copying may damage the documents.
Digital copies will be sent by email or download link. Paper copies will be sent by UPS or first-class mail. Alternatively, copies may be picked up at the State Archives.
Inquiries about copying fees and requests for copies should be directed to:
New York State Archives
Researcher Services 
Cultural Education Center Room 11A36
Albany, NY 12230
Phone: (518) 474-8955