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Keep treasured books out of attics and basements.

Use and Display

  • To remove a book from the shelf, push back the books on either side and grasp it along the spine; do not pull the top of the book with your finger.
  • Open books carefully and do not press down on the pages to flatten the spine.
  • Stand books upright on shelves. Support them with books or bookends similar in size. Display very large books flat.


  • Store books on shelves lined with polyester film or heavy, acid-free paperboard. Avoid direct contact with wooden shelves.
  • Protect damaged books by storing them in acid-free boxes and inspect them regularly. If you see signs of mold or pests, contact a conservation professional.


  • Dust books at least once a year with a magnetic dust cloth or a vacuum on very low suction, using the brush attachment covered with cheesecloth.
  • Seek professional advice on repairing valuable books. Do not use oils, leather dressings, saddle soap, polish, or adhesive tape on books.