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Each agency has a designated Records Management Officer, who coordinates the agency's records management program and serves as the primary contact for agency staff seeking information on adoption and use of general schedules.  The Records Management Officer is responsible for agency-wide records management planning, program development, training, and technical assistance, including records inventorying and scheduling.  Agency staff should contact their Records Management Officer for advice on use of this schedule.  Most agencies also have an Internal Controls Officer who may be able to review the adequacy of policies and procedures for documenting administrative operations.  The agency Public Records Access Officer, who is responsible for implementing agency programs to comply with the Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Protection Laws, can provide advice on public access questions.

State Archives staff, working in conjunction with the agency Records Management Officer, assist agencies with developing or improving records access, storage and retrieval systems, assessing the feasibility of microfilming or imaging records, managing electronic records, and implementing retention and disposition schedules.  The State Archives also provides training and publications for state agency personnel on a variety of records management topics.  State Archives staff can assist you in learning about these and other services and in coordinating their delivery to your agency.

For additional assistance, contact your agency Records Management Officer, or contact the State Archives’ Government Records Services at: Room 9A47 Cultural Education Center, Albany, New York 12230; telephone (518) 474-6926; or by e-mail at:

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