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Archived Websites Documenting Other Former Elected Officials

Whenever possible, the State Archives and the State Library capture the sites documenting the work of prominent elected officials just prior to their departure from office. These sites either disappear from the Web or undergo radical change after the departing official’s successor takes office.

Unfortunately, technical problems prevented capture of the Web site of the Office of the State Comptroller before or immediately after the December 22, 2006 resignation of Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi.

Access Problems Affecting All Archived Websites

When you visit these archived sites, keep in mind that some types of site content cannot be archived properly:

  • External hyperlinks (i.e., links to content on sites other than the archived site). For example, if a link on the Office of the Attorney General site goes to a page on the State Consumer Protection Board Web site, the link will not work
  • Information that can be accessed only after the user completes a form
  • Most audiovisual materials
  • Some advanced Web formatting and design elements (i.e., external stylesheets and some types of Javascript)

Additional access problems specific to each site are noted below.

Office of the Attorney General – Eliot L. Spitzer

Archived Office of the Attorney General website

  • Site contains biographical information, copies of reports, press releases, and other material documenting the policies and actions of Attorney General Spitzer and the Office of the Attorney General
  • Captured by the State Archives and State Library on December 24, 2006, eight days before Attorney General Spitzer became Governor
  • Known access problems
    • Links to audio content do not work
    • The News and Search tabs below the top banner do not work
    • To access the press releases, go to the site’s home page, find the “Press Releases” section, scroll down, and click on the “More News” link. Other links to press releases do not work
    • You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher to access PDF files included in this site

43rd Senate District – Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno

43rd Senate District archived website

Note: As of July 2008, Web archiving technology could not properly capture some of the design elements and information found on this site. The appearance of the archived site differs considerably from that of the live site, which no longer exists, and some of the information on the live site could not be captured.

  • Site contains biographical information, press releases, public statements, and other material documenting the legislative priorities of former Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno
  • Captured by the State Archives and State Library on July 17, 2008, the day before Senator Bruno’s resignation took effect
  • Known access problems
    • The “Media Center,” “Legislation,” “Constituent Services,” “Join the Fight,” and “Senate Insider” links at the top of each page do not work, but the “Legislation,” “Constituent Services,” and “Join the Fight” links at the bottom of each page do work
    • If you scroll over the “Media Center” link at the top of the page, two links – “Photo Gallery” and “Video Gallery” – will appear below. Both of these links work, but the videos in the “Video Gallery” will not play
    • The “Home” link at the upper right of each page does not work. Use the “Home” link at the bottom of each page instead
    • Some links found throughout this site do not work
      • The “Summertime Reading Olympics,” “How Your Idea Becomes a Law,” and “View Senate Sessions” and “Now More than Ever, We Need Accountability in Albany” links on the home page
      • All of the links on the News Archives page
      • All of the links on the Constituent Services page
      • The “Senate Insider” and “Media Center” links at the bottom of each page
      • The “sponsored by the Senator” link on the 2007-2008 Legislative Session page