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Requesting records at the State Records Center

Charge-Out Requests

We routinely pull boxes for agencies requesting material. A  Records Center Reference Request form (REC-2 form) must be completed for each requested box and sent to our email,  Use only one REC-2 form per box.

Most requests received before 2:30 pm will be pulled and available the following day by 11 am. Occasionally there will be a delay if the box is stored off site. With your request, please specify on the REC-2 if you want to pick up the records, have OGS Interagency Mail deliver, or come to the State Records Center to view them onsite. The State Records Center has a photocopier and reference room with tables and chairs for onsite use.

Please call the State Records Center in advance to discuss additional arrangements when requesting 40 or more boxes at once.

Requesting Individual Folders

Records Center staff do not pull or refile individual folders. This is the agency's responsibility.

Rush Requests

The State Records Center provides a 1-day turnaround on most requests, however if you need a records request rushed due to legal, medical or other emergency need, contact the State Records Center at or (518) 474-6926.

FOIL requests are not considered rushed requests.

Returning Charged-Out Records to State Records Center

Return requested boxes to the State Records Center promptly when you are done with the material. We accept returned boxes Monday through Friday, 8 am to 3 pm. If you are returning 40+ boxes, contact the State Records Center to schedule a delivery.

You do not need to notify the State Records Center if you are retaining individual files of records.

Methods of Delivery and Return of Requested Records

There are several options for returning requested containers of records, including:

  • In-person delivery/pickup of records to the State Records Center
  • OGS Interagency Mail Courier
  • Commercial delivery services or other methods