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Preparing Paper Records for Transfer

  • Weed out and dispose of duplicate copies and blank forms. 
  • Keep files in the same order they were as active office files.
  • Documents contained in manila folders are acceptable
  • Review the filing sequence in each container for accuracy before shipping. 
  • Remove all non-recyclable materials, such as binders and hanging file folders, prior to boxing and transferring records.
  • Insert charge-out cards for any out-of-box records and leave enough room to return the records. 
  • Limit the contents of each container to records that became inactive within one year of each other.
  • Do not overfill a box. Ensure that you can easily put your hands into the handhold openings, are able to retrieve and re-file folders, and secure the box lid. 
  • Boxes that are packed incorrectly or over filled will not be accepted.  They will be returned to the agency to divide the materials and re-pack the boxes.
  • There is a 35 lb weight limit per box.  Overweight boxes will not be accepted.