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Labeling Boxes for Transfer


The State Records Center requires scannable barcode labels for tracking boxes. Your RMO must request barcode labels from the State Records Center and distribute them appropriately. Retain the barcode number for your records.

  • Each box requires its own unique barcode.
  • Affix the barcode label directly to the box.
  • Do not cover over another box label.
  • Do not put any tape (even clear) over the label
  • Do not write on the barcode itself, because the scanner will be unable to read the code

Agency Information

We primarily identify boxes using the barcode labels, but a second simple numbering system, based on the transfer list information, provides us with an alternate means of identifying your boxes.

  • Manually write the two-digit agency code, transfer list number, and agency box number directly on the box in bold marker to the left of the barcode label.  Do not write or print this information on the barcode label. See Preparing Records for Shipment to the State Records Center
  • Remember – do not tape any list to the box itself or lid. Instead place it in the box.