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Preparing Transfer Documentation

Complete form REC‐1, “State Records Center Transfer List.”    

When preparing the transfer list:

  • Limit each transfer list to records covered by a single RDA (Records Disposition Authorization) and ideally with the same disposition date.
  • Identify the record material if other than paper in the description (e.g. video tapes, microfilm, floppy disks).
  • If the RDA for the records indicate “T” for transfer to the State Archives, be sure the “T” box is checked on the form for all the related boxes. Pay special attention to these records as they require a more detailed description in the folder listing. Guidelines for Developing Transfer/Container Lists provides further information for creating transfer lists for archival records.
  • On each transfer list, number all your boxes sequentially, starting with one.
  • Email the Transfer List to the Records Center at before delivery.  No boxes will be accepted without having a transfer list.  

Your RMO (Records Management Officer) must review the completed transfer list form for accuracy, clarity, and completeness before signing and sending it to the State Records Center.

After we receive and review your transfer list, we will contact your RMO to resolve any questions and arrange a transfer date. We will accept only records that we have approved for storage.