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Sending Boxes to the State Records Center

After we receive and review your transfer list, we will contact your RMO to resolve any questions and arrange a transfer date. We will accept only those records that we have approved for storage on a given transfer date.  

Schedule your delivery

  • We take deliveries of pallets on Tuesdays by appointment only. Delivery hours 9am-12pm, 12:30pm – 2:30pm
  • We accept up to 12 pallets (480-576 boxes) on any given Tuesday.
  • If you have more than 12 pallets or if you want to deliver them on a day already partially booked, you will need to spread out your delivery over multiple Tuesdays. 
  • We can accept small deliveries, under 20 boxes, any Tuesday. 

The Record Center does not pick up agency boxes/pallets. You must arrange for someone to transport the boxes/pallets to the Record Center.

  • The OGS Courier will provide transportation services for Capital District agencies that cannot deliver their records. Information regarding fees can be obtained by visiting the OGS website at under the section titled “Division of Printing and Mail Services”, or calling the primary OGS Mailroom at (518) 474-6707, or by email to You are responsible for moving your containers to your loading dock and providing loading assistance. 
  • You can arrange for delivery of your own records, using your own vehicle or a commercial vendor. Be sure the truck measures no more than 12′ 6″ in height.